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Fallout Fan Club--Please Help!


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I'm going to make a Fallout fan club for my college, but I need assistance in something...odd.  See the highlighted "demands" below:


I need help with making a few currencies (for my fanclub); I need 3D models for Caesar (Edward Sallow), Joshua Graham (pre-Burned Man), Legate Lanius (with or without his mask), Vulpes Inculta, High Elder Maxon (any incarnation, but state incarnation somewhere), High Elder Rhombus, Elder Lyons, Elder McNamera, Aradesh, Seth, Tandi, Aaron Kimball, **** Richardson, Colonel August Autumn, John Henry Eden, and Arcade Gannon. Blender, if possible; alternatively, you could just have them doing poses, saved as .png (or whatever), and at any time--no rush, please.


Yeah, hope I'm not being too impossible, or however I'm being...

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