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Hey All,


Old world builder from NWN1 and NWN2 here. Just wondering if Project Eternity is going to support PW (player/persistent worlds)


I know it's a loaded question, They haven't said anything about a toolset or multi-player support much less what we need for a PW(e.g. DM client, ability to host worlds etc).


Anyway, I miss my world building days sometimes and am constantly on the lookout for the next one (It's a hard sell because giving the players the tools makes it harder to monetize the game).


Anyway, it'd be nice to know, one way or another, if this will be a place I can hang my dev hat.






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You sho


Ah well. Too much to hope for I guess. I'm still looking forward to it purely as an old school cRPG though.


You should definitely look into "Divinity: Original SIn."  Besides the turn based combat, it's will have the things we know and love from the Neverwinter Night series (world creation, MP roleplaying, etc).

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