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RPG Codex Interviews George Ziets

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I’m a huge fan of the surge in classic RPGs... I wish I could work on more of these games at once. Many of the planned RPGs seem to be emphasizing turn-based combat, which is still a pleasant surprise to me. Not two years ago, I thought turn-based combat was dead. The emphasis in our industry was on fast action, first-person shooter hybrids, and Facebook games, and it looked as though there was no room – and no real demand – for anything else. One of my colleagues and I would decry the decline of RPGs over our weekly Indian buffet, and we genuinely thought we were the last of a dying breed (the Codex notwithstanding)… but fortunately, we were wrong.


I love Ziets, he is great.

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Nice stuff. This guy seems to grasp spirit of classic RPGs well. Oddly enough I have never heard of him, but I might be just too old. I don't play modern games much. It's these kickstarters really that have awoken gaming spirit in me.


Now when's the kickstar for Fallout + KODP? (latter is awesome game if bit unknown, go play it, it's even on GOG)

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So if I could design another Fallout game… I might not design a traditional RPG at all. Instead, think of a strategy-RPG hybrid like King of Dragon Pass – set in the Fallout universe. You’re placed in the role of the tribe’s leaders, responsible for establishing a home base, keeping your people safe and fed, exploring the surrounding wasteland, and managing relations with other tribes and factions.


You’d mold the future of your tribe by plundering knowledge from Vaults and ruins and deciding whether to utilize that knowledge/technology or keep it hidden from your people. Revealing old world secrets would always have consequences, both positive (e.g., economic or military benefits) and negative (e.g., jealousy or fear from your neighbors). Unearthing stories from the old world might unlock opportunities to change the organization and personality of your tribe - think of how old-world stories opened possibilities for Caesar or the Three Families. You’d also choose how to feed and supply your people - by looting ruins, raiding other tribes, or trying to rediscover secrets of agriculture and animal husbandry from the Vaults. Ultimately, you’d have to decide how to survive in the face of external threats. Would you build a slave empire like Caesar, establish a democratic federation of tribes, or just turn to cannibalism and prey on your neighbors? It may or may not have mass market appeal… but I’d play that game.

Please make this game. please! I love empire building! Edited by JFSOCC
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Pet threads, everyone has them. I love imagining Gods, Monsters, Factions and Weapons.

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I must say, though I have pretty consistently enjoyed the interviews with Sawyer and Avellone, this was undoubtedly my favorite RPG game maker interview I have read... I look forward to seeing what he can do when he has more experience and clout in the future.

"1 is 1"

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