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In most CRPGs, the weapons are too fantastic and don't have any real life counterpart, or they are very common types of weapons and mostly derived from Medieval - Renaissance European weapons.


In this thread I would recommend posting some suggestions regarding exotic weapons from real life which can be included in the game.


My first suggestion would be the "Yatagan" sword. It is a short sabre which was extensively used in the Ottoman Empire territory between 16th - 19th centuries. It was the trademark sword of Jannissaries. The originality of this sword comes from the fact that it is curved towards the front and has no hand guards at the hilt. It was ideal for carrying as a side arm next to the musket, due to its small size and strong slashing momentum because of having its center of weight towards the tip.


Some Yatagans:




The yatagan was worn on the waist inside the sash, slightly similar how the samurai used to wear the wakizashi. (On this photo M. Kemal Ataturk posing as a Janissary)


While scimitars and sabres have found much place in the games, they are usually depicted as having rather broad blades. I believe this may be a slight exageration while the real turkish "Kilic" (sword in Turkish) is like this:
Indonesia and the region surrounding have very peculiar looking weapons indeed. They definitely look as if they are from a fantasy role playing game. For instance the "Kris", a type of dagger, which is distinguished by its wavy pattern.
Kris can be worn in different ways:
Another very original weapon from Indonesia is the "Kujang" which is a sickle shaped short weapon.
The "Kampilan" sword from the Phillipines also looks as if it was created in a fantasy setting, but it is real. It is around 100 cm long and is mainly used with two hands.
I am sure the developers are going to do a fantastic game, but it would still be cool to see some of these suggestions included in the game :)
Let's keep posting your suggestions!



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We already have a long running and ongoing topic about posting armor and weapon designs that people admire/would like to see emulated. Repost there, perhaps? :)

“Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.” – Alan Watts
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