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"Famillars/ Summon companion" What type whoud you like to se in PE ?

Summoning Companions  

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  1. 1. What traits shoud your summoned companions have ? (multi)

    • Be able to fight/ protect me
    • They shoud have some support skills (buffing, lockpicking etc)
    • I shoud be able to talk with them.
    • I shoud be able to mount them (ride on a dog for orlan etc)
    • They shoud have complaxed inluence/ and personality system as much as other not-summoned companions.
    • other activitis (say what)
  2. 2. What type of creatures you whant be able to summons ? (multi)

    • Normal Animals or buffed animals (bear, deer, rabbit) (Demonic rabbit, holy deer, fantactic bear)
    • fairy/ soul creatures (Fairy, okku, spiritual wolf, spiritual protector etc)
    • Monsters/ beasts (Werewolf, Troll, Ogre, Flying Eye)
    • Undead (Zombie, sceleton, wampire etc)
    • Elemental-Based (Fire-elemental, water-elemental, multi-elemental)
    • Demon besed (demonich hound, lesser demon etc)
    • Hybrids (half dog half bear, hald dragon half something else etc)
    • Constructs (golem etc)
    • Holy creatures (angels etc)
    • Other Say what.
  3. 3. What do you think about summoners power levels ? (one answer)

    • They shoud be much more powerfull then me.
    • They shoud be as powerfull as me.
    • They shoud be weeker then me but still cover my disadvanteges (mage protecting for example)
    • They shoud be much weeker then me and only act as small support.
    • They shoud be easy to kill so i must protect them (cat, rabbit, bat, rat, fish, hamster)
    • They shoud not be able to fight and only act as small buff to my skills for some time.... (30 sec. alive +4 to hp)
    • other. (say what)

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