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A reaction I suspect... do not provide the zealot with more posts to sacrifice upon his altar of circular arguments & deliberately misconstrued quotes.


Well, I actually enjoy reading these discussions. Yes, Valorian is a troll, but the dissections of various gameplay mechanics that people like Lephys post in response to Valorian's ramblings are usually awesome.


Valorian is a one trick pony. And at this point, pretty much everyone has seen that. As to what he gains from this, I'm as puzzled as Ffordesoon is. If it's just a reaction he wants, that's possibly the biggest self-deconstruction for the sake of being noticed that I have ever seen. It would be easier to just be constructive and get positive feedback.

If it's a feeling of superiority, well, the feeling's mutual. 

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Why do you continue to hammer away at this point? I mean, seriously, why? We all know how you feel about it by now, and you're absolutely not going to get what you want, so why keep at it? What is your objective here? What do you hope to gain?



Because it needs more hammering. I am enjoying all the critical hits I'm dishing out. I am enjoying all the crying and hysteria, too.


And I am getting what I want.


Oh, don't worry, I'm not going to quote the part where you declare the quality condition of your mental capabilities. It's common courtesy not to, and there's no need to repeat the obvious.



And remember daises, in RL people and other creatures don't scale to your level, it's all about your hard work, willpower and innate capabilities, so we want to copy this very good thing into our RPGs.

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"Valorian is a troll! ;( "

"I'm ignoring Valorian! ;( "

"Yes, me too! ;( "

"Valorian hurt my feelings. ;( "

" ;( !"

"Valorian is a zealot! ;( "


:cat:  Ok. This thread is now officially about me.


I love you all. I feel like an alien that's here to inspect the human brain and see if it can be improved somehow.






On the other hand, level scaling destroys entirely an aspect that I believe enhances an rpg universe; verisimilitude.


Interesting approach


And, sadly, terribly wrong. In RPG design, your goal isn't to create verisimilitude (as in "semblance to reality") through game mechanics. Rather, aforementioned game mechanics exist to emulate genre tropes. Survival mechanics are necessary when post-apocalyptic wastelands are involved. Chances of getting blood poisoning from a stab of a rusty dagger are only significant if your game seeks to emulate a gritty low fantasy environment. Elaborate combat mechanics are completely unnecessary in a game of modern investigative horror. On the other hand, in-combat powerups which trigger during a suitably dramatic demonstration of Heroic Resolve after getting badly beaten would be an absolute must in a shonen rpg.


Since we only have a rather sketchy idea of what tropes are significant enough to warrant mechanical representation in the context of P:E, the point of the whole conversation is moot. Furthermore, it would tremendously improve everybody's mood and digestion if Valorian would just kindly shut his piehole already and accept that the people working on the game may be somewhat more competent and experienced (on the field they've been working on for God knows how long) than he (who probably has no qualifications whatsoever) is, instead of flailing about and screaming in a futile, yet increasingly tiresome manner.


Btw., he's still on ignore, so if he raises an actual point instead of spewing some condescending but ultimately useless bull****, please do notify me.




Hi alumin.,


Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I scrolled past your posts a month ago and never looked back, but I'm here to rectify this injustice. I see that you are trying to get the attention of the person that you, of course, are ignoring. By mentioning this person several times throughout the thread. Makes sense. I hope that a month in the dark, without any feedback from this person you're ignoring, didn't cause any permanent psychological disorders.


I deem people who are working on this game competent, as well. Otheriwise, I wouldn't be here.

But the point we apparently disagree on is their flawlessness. They are competent designers, but are not perfect, they make mistakes and I believe it is important to point them out.


Yes, I know it's a bewildering concept for you, but this is actually not a North Korea simulator and J.E. Sawyer is actually not Kim Jong-un and Tim Cain is not Kim Jong-il. They can be wrong, you know. Shocking, right?





It's all right, Fearabbit, you don't have to hide behind Leprosy's walls of text. It's unfair because nobody looks at them and therefore nobody can find the cute little afraid bunny hiding behind them. :yes:

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Why would I now hurt your feelings and say it's the same thing, right? Indeed, a small dose of poison and a lethal dose of poison are not the same thing. Both are unpleasant though, and are best avoided.

A small dose of superpowers and a huge dose of superpowers are not the same thing. Both are pleasant, though.


See, I can arbitrarily make comparisons, too, ^_^.


Now, if you could just point out how level-scaling = poison, your "different doses of a bad thing are still doses of a bad thing" statement would be relevant.


Well, I actually enjoy reading these discussions. Yes, Valorian is a troll, but the dissections of various gameplay mechanics that people like Lephys post in response to Valorian's ramblings are usually awesome.

See, that's why I respond, when people say "what's the point?". Just because Valorian already knows everything doesn't mean everyone does. I don't respond to be right. I respond to better understand the issue, via analysis of opposed viewpoints. And often this benefits others who get to analyze and understand more, as well.


Even if no one else but Fearabbit enjoys my dissections, they're still worth it. If they ever weren't doing anyone any good, or were impeding comprehension of the topic at hand, then I'd gladly stop.

Should we not start with some Ipelagos, or at least some Greater Ipelagos, before tackling a named Arch Ipelago? 6_u

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