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For all of you waiting on South Park - Stick Of Truth, I've got great news, and some bad news. I am an Operating Head in electronics for the Amazon Main Headquarters Distribution Plant in Fernley, Nevada. I too am a South Park fan, im not much into video games, but i am a South Park memorability collector, and will add to collection. 


THE GOOD NEWS - On my desk this morning was the freight delivery order of UBISOFT South Park - Stick Of Truth, set to arrive in warehouse Friday, APR 12, 2013. once in our system we have been instructed for release by UBISOFT for Tuesday, APR 16, 2013, US & CANADA. We are allowed to ship for consumer delivery on APR 15, 2013. Anyone who has pre-ordered the game with Amazon will recieve a free activation code for ONE TIME use of up coming dlc packs, value of $4.99 or less (only for North America release through Amazon). 


THE BAD NEWS - From what i see i only have got orders of shipment to our hubs in UK, JAPAN, CANADA, US.  So for US & CANADA, release is Tuesday, APR 16, 2013. for all others it will be Friday, APR 19, 2013. The other stinger is Amazon  is only recieving 300k (150k per consoles XBOX 360 & PLAYSTATION 3, W/ no PC orders till a week after release).  I only ship electronics from main warehouse, and the three years ive been here, only the IPhone has cancelled delivery, if that warms your heart a bit.

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