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Update #45: FATE: Fulfillment, Arcanum, Torment, Egads!

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I am replying to this update because I [insert pointless nagging] and that I am interested in how the backers update is processing. I do have some suggestions like [insert pointless vague suggestions that have no value whatsoever] though I honestly feel that you should just trust you with this and keep my mouth closed. But I hope my suggestions were long enough and vague enough to slow down that progress a little bit.


Oh and if you can actually read what my suggestions actually are then let me tell you one thing... only liars can see my suggestions...


I have no idea why I even made this comment other than to have it as a starting point for me on the forums... oh and also just to make an weak attempt at being witty for people's amusement.


Ps. I also intended to thank you for the assistance (and to congratulate you)... when was it? Just couple a months ago? It was regarding the paypall stuff. I decided that I wouldn't give you my thanks through that email as it was meant for customer support, not day to day communications. So... yah. Thanks for the assistance with that paypal confusion and congratulation on becoming a father! I know this is rather late but better later than never I think.

Finding truth is a turn,
that a tester should apply with a pun
and report when it crashes his fun

Therein there is no gain,
but to aid those in pain,
for the helpful need to be
those who the truth will see


Testing is a concept of trust
Trust between the big and the small
Trust that needs to be strong as a wall
Otherwise lies will turn it to rust

Hear me thee big o' man
Believe in the words I speak

And I will do my best for the community
To experience the best of your complexity


Written by:

- Elmithian (me)

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Just saw the video JWestFall posted about the inXile Torment project and I have one question:  Chris Avellone, what the hell happened to your thumb?  Was it a terrible thumbwar accident? You look like you could never win another match with that jacked up thumb, man. lol

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Q: So, what’s happening with the backer portal?

A: I’m personally busy putting together a whole new Project Eternity website, which includes our backer portal, RSS feeds (popular request!), as well as including information and artwork about the universe of Eternity. What we know about classes, races, the gods, and more, and this site will continue to evolve as more and more is designed and released.


It is a big job though for just little ol’ me, so it’s still going to be a few weeks as I work everything out, but we’ll keep you in the know. Oh, and backer badges come with this system as well.


The backer portal will also be a great resource for those of you in the upper tiers who are submitting item, character, or location designs. Speaking of which...!


Q: When will I be able to start submitting my item, character, or location designs?

A: The guys have been talking quite a bit about this recently and have already started designing out the forms. Our current plan is to have those of you with those tiers be able to input them directly in our backer portal, and you can revise them at any time up to a certain point down the road (which we’ll let you all know – this point is when we would send out your text for translation, and it becomes expensive from this point to make edits.) But until then, start thinking about the concept for the thing you’d like to add! Adam will have an update on that in the coming weeks with more detail. We’d like to make sure there’s enough backstory and content available for you to draw connections from, and our new website will be the place for that.


It's been close to a couple of months since this update came out. I was just curious to know how this is progressing. Thank you. :)

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"It has just been discovered that research causes cancer in rats."

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Rjshae, does it really matter? Regardless of if we get access to the backer portal tomorrow or three months from now, we will still get our rewards at the same time, the game will ship at the same time, and if you backed high enough your content will make it into the game. As much as I would like access to the backer portal and the lore information that was mentioned to be in it, I understand them having it be a lower priority than things that other team members are relying on to be able to make the game.

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One man.


Large website. Lots of Web Engineering tasks, session management and plugins.

And doing that is not his only job :p


Not surprised it's not out yet

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