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Stretch Goals are BS? What?

pcgamer eternity kickstarter stretch goals

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Stretch marks? :lol:



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Stretch kilometerstones!



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ok I was under the opionion that the stretch goals were basically like this. Ex.
We need 500k for the very base game.
If we raise 600k then u get 3 extra classes.
To me means:
We need 500k for base game
If we raise 600k, we will throw that extra 100k towards the base game to add more time/content/gesting/etc and we will add 3 extra classes, not that it costs 100k for those classes but so that u the customer sees and knows something unique is being added. Basically so u the customer can see an actual physical advancement but a good portion is going towarfs expanding base game.

Thats what I gathered from pe stretch goals and I think they even took gime to explain this to us the supporters.



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Everyone is forgetting something important: manpower.

Hiring someone and to pay him every month cost a lot of money.

Example: in France we pay 1000$ (average price) a waiter.

So in one year, this waiter will to his boss 10 000$ and I am not counting about taxes.


But as developer, you can't tell people that you need money to hire people because will care probably care less.

They will more attracted to new possible features, that the develloper will add.


Of course, I am not saying that's the case for every projects on Kickstarter but you sould not forget there're real people who need to be paid.

Also, adding new classes isn't that simple since you need to think about all the mechanics and these take a lot of time.

Time is money, during this time people will need to be paid or be hired.



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I've seen stretch goals on Kickstarter that are complete and utter wanktastic wastes of time, fluff content such as a change of clothing for your character and I can understand his point....... IF I REALLY TRY VERY HARD!

I work in an industry where people come to us, ask us for a price to do a piece of work and we'll say ok we can do that in X amount of time using Y amount of resources (best case). We think however based on what your asking if we use more resources we can improve upon your original design but it will cost Z much more. Are the improvements worth it? (that's similar to a stretch goal)

I think for a gaming company you would sit there and go right....

You have X amount of staff.
You make a rough plan for a Y length game (play time to do 100% the stuff in it based on Z amount of content.)
Base it off prior experience and time requirements and you come up with an estimate.

So they put up on Kickstarter, this is what we want to do - based on our staff and a release date of April 2014 (I think) it will cost £1.1million. Which tbf they thought they might not make.

So they sit there and go ok, if everything goes well how can we expand the game.

More classes (more playtime through replay)
Special dungeon
Bigger home city
More Quests

So they put stretch goals in..... Stuff they would like to do but in the original design wasn't there.

That article is complete and utter nonsense and I take back what I said about understanding his comments. Stretch goals when done properly (like PE did) are a perfect example of what the extra funding SHOULD be used for outside of making them rich. (More staff, More Stuff)

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