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Different types of paths and/or professions.

Starting off as nothing but a commoner, the Event might not have happened or it is what happens on Square 1, opening scene or whatnot. Regardless, I'll use the "commoner" because I think that appeals to most different styles as possible.

I had this idea for a mod for Baldur's Gate, instead of starting off as a "Fighter", you start off as a commoner. Going to Winthrop could make you a Bard, to the Priest and you can become a Cleric etc.etc. different types of professions instead of "just a class" that you choose during character creation.

Being a commoner, we're in the first city, money is low and need cash. These different "Professions" wouldn't just be the "Class", but it could be woven into "Factions" and "Economy" as well. Having a "Proffession" generates "Income". But not only that, a different approach, from a different angle depending on which Profession/Faction you choose (to a start, you could always switch, what with Reputation).

You could become a Guard, and your quests would be related to patrolling the streets, which would lead into deeper conspiracy, like the cop in L.A. Noire you start to suspect your superiors or whatnot. Anyways, your Fighter class getting stronger.

Likewise, if Economy+Food also gets important somehow, becoming a Thief pickpocketing could also be a "Profession" and a way to get an "Income" going. The Thief would in turn also go his/her own path, perhaps through the Thieves Guild or even through stumbling into a Noble's house that happens to be woven into the grander scheme.

With "Professions", there could be several different paths.

As a Wizard and a magician, you might be granted audience with the "King", whilst a Thief might be visited by an associate to another King, when the Thief has been thrown in "Jail", leading to another "Faction".

A Chanter or a Bard might seek work on the streets, or at Church, earning some little copper and in turn gets discovered by some aristocrat who pulls the Chanter in. Or perhaps you can go about and learn to master "Ancient Poetry" and spreads wisdom and investigates deep ruins.

A treasure hunter who goes down deep dungeons and across land to find treasures dug down in the earth. Following in-designed riddles and clues. Some of the treasures being tied to an even greater plot.

All part of the same grand plot, but simply different paths.

Too much? Thoughts? Do you have any more paths that could be explored? Other Professions?

Regardless if it would be too much for P:E, could it serve as inspirational material? Please, share your ideas for different types of "Fantasy" professions. Perhaps a "Monster Hunter" could be an actual profession, and at the top of it's "quest tree" you become a "Dragon Slayer" or as some would like it "Mythical Creature Slayer".

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I actually like the idea that the choices that you make during play help determine what character you become. Many people will already know what character they want to play however, so it would mostly be useful for newer players.


Some MMORPG's have this, I distinctly remember Guild Wars allowing you to spend the entire tutorial area getting a feel for the classes and offering you a choice what (secondary) profession (as classes are called there) you want.


I reckon this would be slightly different, where your character would be offered a series of challenges, (say three) where each helps define what class your style of playing is most suited for. (by allowing various different ways to solve the obstacles in your way)


So say, you hear there is a dude who has been doing mysterious ****, you can choose to sneak and spy on him, or talk to others to learn what they have found. Or you can kill him and loot his corpse to figure it out. Capture one of his compatriots and question him. (using cantrip mind reading abilities like a cypher might have)

You could research his nameor his compatriots and identify a spell he's used.


It would be fairly tough to be fully accurate though.


narratively speaking it wouldn't be becoming a class, but rather finding out what type of soul you have.

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Pet threads, everyone has them. I love imagining Gods, Monsters, Factions and Weapons.

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PS:T already handled the NPC->quest->class/etc. fine but that only had THREE classes.


Too many classes to keep track of including subsequent training means a lot of running around and busywork, wasted time for players who want to jump into the game proper rather than figure out what foundation to pursue. It's best in PE's case to mirror the other two, BG/IWD, and the player picks initial class. PE's combat will have a higher learning curve than the old IE games, definitely moreso than PS:T that has the setup. 


There were already some class-specific quests in BG2 related to strongholds, so maybe PE will have that too. I don't think PE should have additional professions on top of the classes unless we're talking about class specialization. In which case I'll just wait to see what Obsidian comes up with since there'd be balance issues with the number of classes we already have.

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What if there is a way to have the foundation to be the same. A common goal that is legit for any profession.

A profession = any class.

If you'd choose Fighter at Character Creation, would that disallow you from joining the Thieves Guild? No. Later you might join a Wizards study, and suddenly you're a Fighter/Thief/Mage. 

If the goal could be "becoming a God" or "a Legend", then any path could be just a path to that "foundation".

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