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  1. 1. Lan Support?

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    • Borderlands-like server system.

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It is clear that the game would be ruined if it was an MMO, but imagine a lan system, where you can go through all that but with your friend?

Or even better, a server system like Borderlands. It wouldn't affect the game storyline too much, wouldn't it?

To be honest, i think singleplayer games are slowly getting less and less popular. I have no source to prove this, but it's just what i think.

Therefore, having an epic game you can go through with friends over and over a game just makes it more epic.

Share your thoughts - add ideas. Maybe this can happen, if you agree.

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I think most people would love the ability to play with their friends however I believe it has been mentioned and covered in the kickstarter campaign that we won't get this.


I bought two copies for me and the wife and we would love to play together. If it changes and they introduce LAN I would pay a bit more.

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No interest in any kind of multiplayer content at all for this game.


That's assuming it was an option, but since they said they were going to use all the resources to make the best single player game they could and not allocate resources to trying to add multiplayer content its not like it was ever a choice.

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MP in Baldur's Gate seemed like a good idea on paper. In practice, it was a freaking massive headache.


This doesn't even bring up the fact that they'd have to make sure all of their systems (Dialogue, pause for combat, class balance) were MP friendly and that takes a helluva lot of time to playtest and debug, which equals more expense and more development time.


Perhaps, If Obsidian released a sort of "Storm of Zehir" type expansion for Project Eternity focused specifically on story-lite and action, that kind of game would make sense, but for a campaign with a strong central protagonist it always ends up feeling like a kludge.

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I'm a solo gamer...mainly for 2 reasons: 1) I tend to keep my geek/nerd interests in the closet despite it being a huge part of my enjoyement in life and 2) I generally think people online are either pathetic sycophants, general asshats or just plain boring...neither of which particularly appeals to me. (of course this does't apply to everyone, just a large majority)


none of my IRL friends are really the nerdy type i could geek out with in this sort of thing so I'm pretty much indifferent to anykind of MP.

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if they dont have any problems for lack of time or resourses to implement it i dont mind. i wont use it, but i dont see why not put it there for those who want it. it's not like they will design an mmo or a separate multiplayer version.

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Please God, NO!!!!!!



Oops, wrong thread! :biggrin:


I'd be okay with this if Obsidian really thought it was worth their time, but it's doubtful I'd use it personally. I'd hate to see Obsidian spend time developing a feature that is rarely used by players.


Edit: We know that Obsidian isn't going to include this in the version of the game that is scheduled to launch in April 2014, so it's a tad pointless to ask for it.

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The only reason I used multiplayer in BG was to create several PCs, otherwise I'm with NerdBoner here, not everyone I know needs to know / would understand the vast amount of time I invest in gaming, and those few that would understand don't play RPGs.


I'm not against MP per se, but story, and story-presentation (e.g. dialogue window) will suffer in a multi-player game. Multiplayer is okay for a nice dungeon crawling session with little story, but dungeon crawlers with weak story aren't the type of game that is so rare nowadays that 70k people collect 4 millions to fund another one.

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My vote lies with "Maybe" but only if time and resources play in.


I would really be fine with a sort of Baldur's Gate-esque Co-Op but it would be awesome if I would be able to start at one point in the world, and my friend starts in a completely different part. Not an MMO, but perhaps possibility for just that, a 6 party group. Star Wars: The Old Republic had an awesome Co-Op Dialogue system.


A strategy counterpart could be Sins of a Solar Empire, where you start far away from each other even if you are on the same team. Perhaps you could even become enemies during gameplay?

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Keep it simple and focused on the main game.

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As already noted, Obsidian has no plans at the moment for making PE multiplayer. I just hope the system is sufficiently moddable that we can get a multiplayer mod up and running soon after the release. Multiplayer support would require a lot of testing and resources, Obsidian can let the modders handle that if they want to.


That being said, I wonder if they could set up a barebones multiplayer network interface for us. Provide the functionality to implement it seamlessly into the game, so to speak.

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I bet coop (like BG) will be in for the next game of the serie, after the engine and ruleset will be safe and sound. I'm like 100% sure about it. After all, it's not pvp multiplayer, so it doesn't require any "balance" passes. The story needs to be more IWD then BG\PST though, and for the first game it's not the case.


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It seems you don't understand. Having coop support doesn't mean it will cost us better game experience. No.

If you ask me, it doesn't need a special campaign to have mp support. Borderlands is basically a singeplayer game played by 4 people. A bad definition, but it's a closest one i could think of.

It basically means that 1 player takes a quest, all of his party members receive it. The progress counts for everyone that's in the game while the quest is being taken/worked on/completed.

Let them make a singleplayer campaign, and just add that LAN button. That's all i want.


But, as Pipyui said, i guess having modders make a MP mod is good enough, as long as it is not crap like the Oblivion one.

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