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Thanks for the article, Jasiek. I don't think you'll get a whole lot of traction with DLC related ideas here. It's become a rather dirty word which I find rather sad. I'm actually fond of DLC in princple and would prefer it over a traditional expansion pack, especially in a project like this with so much fan participation. In my ideal model, the game would be out for a few months to allow people to get in a full playthrough and then the 'FreeLC' model explained in the article would be used to basically poll for and create the content people actually want to see an no finiancal loss. Think crowd funded patches that address content issues instead of bugs. I agree DLC has been massively abused in the past, but that doesn't have to be the case now.

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I did not had time to answer the previous posts, but that was exactly my idea. That Obsidian could make "old school" size expansion packs by using this idea. This way we could get the content we would love to have for our game, and Obsidian could make that without fearing that their work would go in vain (because it would not be bought). It's a win-win situation I would love to see :)

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