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lyev kov

star wars knights of the old republic (kotor) 2 info

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As in, are you looking for info on this?


The official Star Wars rpg line that Wizards of the Coast ran (when they did the Saga Edition) had a sourcebook that was all about the Knights of the Old Republic era.

That had some general bumpf, character info and powers and feats of the time and era for both Kotor and Kotor 2 amidst a horde of other things.

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source books seem to be very hard to come by and I don't think a pdf version was ever made. would be quite hard to legitimately find this.

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If you buy the strategy guides for the games, there's some solid info on the skills and stats of everything. If you are ready to do some tinkering to make it work with your desired system, that could be worth looking in to.


That said, I've never touched a Pen and Paper RPG before so I don't know how hard it would be to implement.

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Well for one thing, I absolutely destroyed the game completely all engines firing at maximum fire power when I was Guardian and half the time with super strength doing power attack rather than critical strike, a guy on a coin flip 50-50 chance is standing still in that white vortex of paralysis, and yet more so, when you can use "Force Crush" for dark side, particularly for Sith Lord over assassin or whatever, just spamming that repeatedly can leave a guy leaping up multiple times before he can even come at you.


But the ability to be supremely uber powerful like that will, of course, be stunted by actual character development, and a strong party can enhance you intially maybe by increased charisma which, although not recommended, makes you party members strike more often, but getting visas mar with high alignment either way, light or dark, perhaps 75% completely, can even get you an early lightsaber.


And for your early lightsaber, kill a guy at the docks on nar shadaa, where it seems to be the 2nd to last apartment building, about where you meet up with the bearded jedi master.


And maybe avoid the smuggler hive where atton thrives too initially, where when I first played the game, I was stuck there quite inexorably for my last planet, because it's so dang confusing.


So the consequence for Me (of going to dantooine) jedi enclave world first, was a bad lightsaber crystal.


Essentially, late in the game, you can be very powerful, and a lot far more so by being very good or evil, and allowing kreia to reach out upon your inertia like abilities, even learning much of the lore and initial preceding dinner tables and luxury banks of experiential buildup.


Take training atton for instance (which you can do at the refugee sector with high influence, where he likes you a lot) and he's approached about assassination history, where he can learn to be jedi sentinel, and a step in this direction may be counting numbers or hyperspace routes in such to avoid mind reading from kreia). And that's by far the hardest part, though perhaps the most rich in overall game pleasure, knowing the interesting side detours and plain to perfect purity, completely light side sort of meandering into higher roundabouts and destinations.


To be completely liberated from the force, free, without restrictions, you would almost wonder if kreia's training you to be the Sithari, which the developers may perhaps hint at when, if you're character's an extremely powerful Sith Lord, you actually see yourself on the title screen!


Although my favorite part, along with a slightly better party, is high Charisma (for the added damage of "Force Storm"), and using this more effectively if you are good by getting less point reduction despite evil, because your face is glowing so brightly that the dark side has a crush on you anyway, and favors you far more so for increased power, you "hold the galaxy by it's throat", as Kreia says.

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Focusing the flow of feats and Critical Strike


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I have the PDF for the Saga Edition KotOR splat and it's not bad although I prefer the new system, e.g. Edge of Empire, than either the Saga, d20, or d6 stuff.


Also, holy ****balls, you're on a necroposting spree.

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