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Character Traits and Statistics in PE

Attributes Ability Scores Feats Skills Traits Experience Knowledge Character Creation Leveling Statistics

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Well I've read the OP and some of the responses, but not all, so forgive me if I'm being redundant. Lots of food for thought in this thread, but I'd like to focus on one particular question (which might actually be better suited in its own thread): would you prefer to have both a mana pool and a stamina pool, or just a stamina pool which spellcasting also depletes?

I personally feel like the notion of mana is just too nebulous and "unrealistic" for an RPG of this sort. But at the same time, D&D's slot system doesn't satisfy either, nor does any system that limits spellcasting by attaching recharge times on individual spells, variable or not. Why can't spellcasting just use the same energy that other physical and mental exertions use? As it relates to this particular concept, I like the way Morrowind and Oblivion handle fatigue: the lower your stamina bar, the worse you perform at everything. It's most noticeable in melee combat, of course, but it also affects your casting success and persuasion/speechcraft attempts (if I'm not mistaken).

The problem with these TES games is that in every combat situation, the player's stamina depletes way too rapidly. Historically, most battles lasted hours. Imagine if every ancient or medieval warrior tired to exhaustion after 90 seconds of engaging the enemy. So don't use Morrowind as an ideal model of stamina's affects on combat.

More on point, instead of thinking of spells as consuming some vague resource that otherwise has no affect on the caster, think of them as draining your mental and physical energy. If a warrior swings his axe too hard and too long, he'll eventually collapse from exhaustion and possibly pass out. Likewise, a wizard who casts spells non-stop will eventually collapse. The higher level the spell is relative to the caster, the more draining it is. And your energy level affects, to some degree, your overall combat effectiveness. Thoughts?
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A Terraria or Minecraft approach would be cool (but from an "cRPG" perspective), wherein (see signature) you gather resources which makes your armor better, makes your potions better, get better weapons, better spells. Slowly progressing by the resources the game provides to you at your "Once a Day Camp".

Example: Day 1 you might be nothing but a commoner, Day 2 you are on your path as a Squire, Day 3 you are taking your first steps towards Knighthood/Paladin, Day 4 you become an Adept. Day 6-7 you are a Knight. Day 8-9 you become a Paladin. Day 10-11 you fall corrupted. Day 12 you are a Death Knight etc. etc. Day 20 you are Sarevok~ which could equal the same "Strength" as a level 12 character.

Reasonable resources I can think of:
* Quests
* Gear
* Craftable Loot (Herbs, Drop Salvage)
* Artifacts
* Gold/Currency
* Party Morale

For a system like this to work in a setting like P:E would require limited resources (close to no enemy respawns).

P.S. I wanted to respond somehow, began reading the OP post and lost my attention span. I'll try to read up and stay focused ^^


There is no logical scenario in which this idea would work with the idea of a "mature themed cRPG." The ideas you're espousing are as close to Skyrim as they are to Minecraft, it's well outside the scope of the project. You should not have a player character becoming king of the proverbial mountain in a few in-game days (if there's a day/night cycle,) thanks to crafting and harvesting and other meta/powergaming concepts like that.

Furthermore, you don't attain noble titles by making a suit of armor a day, every day. That's not even possible before mechanization and mass production, and those preclude the use of armor because it's a given that gunpowder weapons exist and there's no call for mass-produced armor if mass-produced guns will always defeat that mass produced armor.

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I think you're over thinking the whole thing, this is going to be a game, not a real world simulation. I find the traditional D&D system to be sufficient, and I see no reason to waste any effort in creating a system that will probably not be as fun and/or functional.

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