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Books and lore for each item.

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What I miss the most in recent rpg is the lack priotity put on the lore, every object is bland with +1 str +12 hp or whatever but no description at all and that makes them having unfortunatly no identity.


But that is something that was found in great quantity in classic rpg like baldurs gate etc..

Every items in those games (even junk loot gems etc..) had a background story behind them.


And then we had books if we wanted to learn more about the history of different civilizations in the game world, the adventures of some important character, or the story behind major artifact as well as maybe some clue to find them etc...


Getting a glimpse at the world by just reading some items description was great and made those classic rpg game really immersive to me.


Please bring back the lore to rpg with Project eternity.

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An advantage of the Forgotten Realms setting was that there was a lot of history and lore already developed, which the authors could draw upon for background material. Building up the lore from scratch will likely be a lot more laborious.

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