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Character Naming  

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  1. 1. How do you want to name your character?

    • Give me a long freakin string field that holds letters, spaces, characters, numbers, EVERYTHING!!!
    • Letters and rational symbols only please
    • Separate boxes for first and last name
    • I make up the first name, last name is assigned so people can call me by it
    • I want a random name generator to save me a headache
    • Don't care
    • Don't care but if anybody names their character Drizz't I want the keyboard to deliver a huge shock straight to their reproductive organs of choice

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I do have naming conventions. and a few defaults too.

Aehlona Kindheart is my main Default. If female over male matters little I usually play female because well, If I have to look at my character all game might as well be a pretty lady.

think of that what you want.

If there's more names, or other playthroughs, I base my first name on a DnD god (bastardized so it's slightly different. Aehlona is based on, well, you know...) and Kindheart or Hardheart are usually the surnames.

think of that what you want.

occasionally, when the game feels different enough, I name my characters after gods of our own mythology. I like Hephaestus, because he's one of my favourite gods (based on his myth)

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Pet threads, everyone has them. I love imagining Gods, Monsters, Factions and Weapons.

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I am afraid I had to go with the final option. In all seriousness I have no problem with the forced Surname if I get to choose the first name as it adds a little more... feeling to it? At least for voiced bits. If voice won't be common anyway though they may as well just give us separate first and surname options so long as people have the choice to have no surname if they so choose. Numbers and non standard symbols should probably be forbidden.

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don't care, i'll gonna name mine Drizz't anyway


Well, due to some semantic ambiguity this may mean that you can deliver shocks to other people's reproductive organs.


Also, you are forgetting about people who like electric shocks to their genitals. They might name their character Drizzt solely for that reason.

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I'd rather not have any forced surnames. I don't usually bother with a surname at all. If there was a forced one, I'd have to start considering whether the first name I picked went well with the imposed surname and it'd take me twice as long to get past the naming stage. ;)

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First and Last name boxes would be cool, along with title.

Just make sure only First name is required and the other 2 can be left blank.


I'd prefer if you gained a title through actions however.


It was fun watching your title change in Ultima Online based on your fame and reputation.

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Wouldn't it be cool if the game gave you 3 fields?

Name, Surname and Nickname and then, in conversations with your companions from surname they will, with time shift to name while in conversations with some random npc, as your fame rose (for better or worse) they would start using the nickname you choose at the beginning of the game?


(Stupid example coming)

Jane "Black-Widow" Doe


You enter in a tavern with an high enough (bad) reputation and 2 npc start talking to each other.

NPC1: "Hey, isn't she hot?"

NPC2: "What?! Dude are you stupid? She's Black-Widow!"

NPC1: "THE Black-Widow? ****, I hope she didn't hear me!"



Of course, for people who don't like surnames and nicknames the game should just ignore such things if the fields are left empty.

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I like first and last names. I also like having a nickname or something to be referred to be other characters occasionally. That doesn't need to be a set last name (like Hawke or Shepard) or a title (Warden, Champion, Dragon Born) that characters call you nonstop. I actually find the later to be extremely annoying so while I like having a nickname of sorts I really would like it to be used sparingly.


Beyond that if this game is set to have the amount of voice work as BG2 did then really you don't need to worry about being called anything at all in voice work. They voice work can easily work around nothing being able to say your name and the text dialogue can refer to you by name as needed.


PS: All games should have a random generator. Sometimes it's hard to think of a name and you just want to get playing. I'd prefer each race and sex draw from a pool of name that thematically fits with that culture though over having 1 large pool of names or it being truly random generator that spits out garbage half the time.

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Regarding the voiceover... Just avoid calling the PC by name, is my suggestion. Use a nickname or title. Lots of games do this, and it works fine. Calling me "Shepherd" might be more casual than "Commander", but it's still pretty formal. Kind of awkward when Ashley is confessing her love, but still won't use my first name due to the fact that I'm her commanding officer. Makes me feel quite skeevy.

Unnecessary. There won't be enough voice acting in the game for that to be a Big Thang.

Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Just avoid it, and if it is ever necessary to call the PC by name in the voiceover, just use a nickname. There really isn't the same pressure to give the PC a cannon name in a game that is 95% text dialogue.

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There better not be a fixed surname...


I don't completely hate fixed surnames but this game is different. This game isn't going to be fully voiced right? There shouldn't really be a need for a fixed surname.


Maybe our character will have a title or something though. At the very most perhaps families/houses we have to choose that give us a fixed surname.

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