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Just a quickie:


Seen many a great story ruined by a poor ending.


Remember, that's the bit that often rests in t' memory.


While I'm confident that the writers OE have aren't likely to fall short in this regard, I am still somewhat concerned that this might happen so I think the title of this thread should be pinned somewhere until the whole story is considered complete.


Have a banana:



"People dislike the popular because it's crap"


"HTH. Because it means I can talk down to you some more."


"I can do you a quote a day, but you'll have to pay. Preferably with suicide."


"You want original? Why? It's not as though that's ever touched your life before."


"A woman scorned is a fun thing. Let's boogie."

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Final level will be first person hack n' slash where you must fight your way through Russian elves before the cool down runs off on their elf nukes. Directed by M.Night Shamalamadingdong.


The story is in good hands, we can all get some sleep now.

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Well, I'm sure Chris Avellone, if he happens to stumble over this thread, will find your point remarkably helpful.


See, the guys at Obsidian don't need us to know that theiy story should be well thought out. And they don't need us to get it done. Currently, there are only bits and pieces known about the world and the plot of the game. What I see and my experience with past games allows me to be confident that I will not be disappointed by Project Eternity. I won't be invited over to Irvine to work at the project, so the most productive thing I can do right now is to have a positive attitude. Unless there is a piece of concrete information to discuss that's all we can do.

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Please remember that even though we all (hopefully - those that backed them on kickstarter at least) trust in them to create a good game, they have also said that they want our input, suggestions, and feedback as well. As put by Adam Brennecke in his interview with Marceror over at Sorcerer's Place:

[Marceror] I imagine that when you put something out there for the fans to see, you get immediate reactions and feedback, and it helps you to go back and know better how to iterate on your ideas.


[Adam]Definitely. Usually you don’t get a chance to communicate with your fans like this. They are the ones who are playing our games, and we like see their feedback early in the process.



So be sure to keep up the good discussions of what is wanted, just try to make sure it is civil and useful :)

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"If we are alone in the universe, it sure seems like an awful waste of space"

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