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We know that souls will be the power source that allow our heroic (and not so heroic) characters to perform the extraordinary.

As souls are used as power could individuals be able to craft souls into items?


Could an individual have the power to remove a soul to make a weapon?

Could desperate individuals offer their soul up so that some champion could wield it to avenge a great wrong?


This is something I wanted to do in a D&D game but sadly never got to run. A few rare artefacts empowered by souls created in times of desperation.


One example was of a blade made by a nation on the eve of annihilation. The blade was to be trusted to a champion to ensure revenge. Unfortunately the champion never arrived in time and the sacrifice was in vain.


She saw the knife it seemed small and poorly crafted.

A simple wooden handle warped with age would make it awkward to wield. The blade itself seemed sharp enough but looked like it was made in a rush without much care.

Initially she was going to ignore it, but something compelled her to pick it up.

Once in her hand she was swarmed with emotion. The Sorrow was crushing. The Fear overwhelming. The Hate intoxicating.

Her thoughts drowned out with cries for justice and revenge. A whole nation of voices screaming endlessly.

This seemingly simple weapon had been forged in a time of desperation. People with no more hope gave the last thing they had.

How many souls had been used to craft it?

She would never know.

She would never let it go.

She would never stop till the blade was sated.


What a shame the disaster had long since passed. The great enemy long dead. The hopeless nation forgotten in time.


Now just a champion driven mad by angry souls demanding justice. The surrounding lands were doomed.


Do you think souls will be used to create items of power?

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None of this is really happening. There is a man. With a typewriter. This is all part of his crazy imagination. 

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