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damn, i just gave you guys more than 100 quid

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Hungry Self Eater, that's way too extreme. You should get yourself checked out.


Simple phone call to the lawyer you have on retainer should suffice. Sue them for $4.1 million for emotional duress.

I'm sorry but we're well beyond that point now. If my actions aren't recognized on an internet discussion forum, I may as well be dead. You know what they say, "Eye for an eye leaves the whole world in peace because finally everything is fair", and if I might as well be dead then true justice can only be achieved through blood.

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seriously, this is taking too long.


i'm beginning to think this game is vaporware (or, as we call it here in london, 'vapourware').


Yeah, it's almost to the level of Grimoire.


You ghastly rapscallion, I wanted to say that.





^ Yes a flash version with a Marilyn Manson soundtrack.


With Facebook implementation, Twitter sharing #achievements, invity-your-friends-button, loads of QR codes and pay-to-win-ingame-shop.

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Newco is Bane, bringing badges back to the people of Gotham and the Obsidian forum!




"Courts will be conveined. Spoils will be enjoyed. Blood will be spilled out of this GAME companyyyYYYY! Well, enjoy... the badges! Gotham, and Obsidian Forum-members, the badges, are yours!"


Can't you see? Newco wants the badges right now for no explained reason other than to just have it! In case the nazis attack.. and they want to see our Obsidian forum badges like.. right now?


Not really sure what's going on here either.. ^^

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It's pretty cool that that Obsidian let the OP pay in squid. I don't remember seeing that option on the Kickstarter site. :p


Seems like a pretty good deal. :biggrin:

"Now to find a home for my other staff."
My Project Eternity Interview with Adam Brennecke

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