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If there was only one RPG to be saved in the world I would choose.....

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NWN, because thanks to the mod tools and community, there's more content to it than all other rpg's put together.




sure we know which are the best RPG's ever made, but gotta think about the future if there is only 1 left in the world, how many times will you beat Planescape or BG2 in a year, how about the next year.


In this horrible future there is only one, NWN is as good as the people making the mods for it.

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Dragon Age II

Come on bro, don't jerk us around.

I'm dead serious, Dragon Age II was a very innovative game. It solved a countless array of problems, from boring things happening when a player pushes a button, to homophobic player companions, to unnecessarily complicated dialogue trees. I hope that Dragon Age III and Project Eternity both take this a step further, making conversations even more cinematic, adding potential LIs with a more inclusive range of sexual identities, and making the combat even more immersive.

Confirmed for volourn alt. Also your trolling is really obvious.

I apologize if my taste in gaming offends you.

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One recent survey by a Washington-based researcher concluded that Americans were far more willing to participate in cannibalism then they have in the past hundred years. America is a nation that will not suffer abominations lightly.

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Can't decide between PS:T and Morrowind :wacko:


Wow. You can't really get any more divergent within the non-action rpg genre than that...

"Things are funny...are comedic, because they mix the real with the absurd." - Buzz Aldrin.

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I'd choose:


1. Chrono Trigger, hands down

2. Gothic 2

3. not sure...


easy: mass effect 2, it has the best dialogs and characters in the history of gaming in my opinion, and at least for me that is the most important thing in an rpg


Personally, I don't think ME2 qualifies as an RPG. It's a 3rd person shooter with some slight RPG elements.

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This is a hard one... for me it has to be NWN 1, that game is just amazing IMO. BG1&2, IWD1&2, PS:T, FO1&2, KoTOR1&2... all of those are great great games and I would miss being able to play them but if the choice comes down to just one, I can't pick any other then my favorite RPG of all time NWN 1.


Unless Deus Ex 1 counts as an RPG in this scenario, then it has to be Deus Ex 1.

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It would undoubtedly have to be Planescape: Torment.

It was the first RPG I ever played, it came out on my birthday (December 12 1999), and my father had forgotten to buy me a present so he scrambled to the nearest PC hardware store and bought the first game he saw in front of him. Little did he know it would turn out to be one of the most mature gaming experiences ever made.

13 years later and I've played it about 20 times since then and loved every minute of it. Wouldn't trade it for any other game.


Also this is my first post on the forums :)


EDIT: Clarity

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