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If there was only one RPG to be saved in the world I would choose.....

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Actually I'd like to revoke my choice; Project Eternity. Looking back on it, it's the most I've ever put into behind a game, I think the sentimental value of that alone would want me to keep it around. The games I do have fond memories of are marvelous, but I have them dilligently memorised by now, I think I'll take the gamble for this.

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I'll get back to you in 2014.

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The KS Collector's Edition does not include the Collector's Book.

Which game hook brought you to Project Eternity and interests you the most?

PE will not have co-op/multiplayer, console, or tablet support (sources): [0] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

Write your own romance mods because there won't be any in PE.

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World of Warcraft


....what?! :banana:

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Adventure Mode in Dwarf Fortress, hands down. Nothing gets me going like accepting a quest to kill a sand titan from a demon masquerading as a deity (while ruling over an unsuspecting human city), recruiting the town drunk and some peasants, and getting shaken to death by a giant capybara on the journey home.

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Single Player - BG series (because they need to be combined)

MMO - Everquest 1 - because from beta to just a year or so ago I played it heavy all the time... thousands of hours, raided like crazy... it was the ultimate adventure

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