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Cheatcodes for Project Eternity

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There is a cheat console command to unlock hidden commands that we decided would be considered cheating. It unlocks some other things that the devs use for testing, like fast travel to any area, and some other things. I decided to ship with cheats to allow for ease of access to script commands and other useful features that might help modders. 


Cheats will deactivate achievements for that entire play through, so don't use them if you want to get achievements. :)

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Technically you can cheat now however there is no point in beta. Also you may still be able to still get achievements depending on how you go about doing it but that means messing with some variables and what not. Unless they have someone really good at scripting the game to detect any numbers changed than it will lock up as far as you just not getting them. Personally I beat a game before I cheat in the game. Also does not mean you are not a real gamer if you cheat just means you are cheating to get fun out of the game the side effect of cheating means the game is shorter that's the drawback to cheating. You don't need to use the  console command to cheat more than just that way to cheat.

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Using the console is modding on-the-fly.

Checking variables, scripts, testing areas and encounters and so on is much more important than AddGold(###) (and even that has its use).

Thank you for keeping these in. :)

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After multiple "legit" runs or at least many hours of something, I'll often enjoy some console command cheat messing around when available, when I want to geek and test or just plain goof off. Or as mentioned, if it helps with a glitch issue.


Single-player games I see no issue with leaving such in. Affects no one else and up to player if they want to cheat/use them. So nice that some are in there.

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