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Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition


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Can't wait :)

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I already have and played Baldur's Gate several times. I don't need to pay for a worse version of the same game all over again.

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Already pre-ordered. Can't wait! The expanded multiplayer and resolution is really attractive. Something to keep me distracted while I wait for Eternity.


Just this weekend I undusted my old Baldur's Gate 2 copy and installed it. While it runs in Windows 7, I can't go higher than 800x600 without graphical glitches (yes, I know BG2 has unsupported higher resolutions - what I'm saying is that I tried them and they don't play well with my system). Controls feel a bit clumsy too. But all this will be fixed with the EE! Yay!

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A free widescreen mod that works perfectly well has been around for years, so you can use that. As far as I know the controls are exactly the same in EE. But of course, if you want to wait then use EE, that's also your call.

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I've preordered too because I want it to succeed but I have to admit I'm not that excited about it. It seems it'll add little over Tutu or BGT with mods. Bugfixes are well and good but the game is pretty solid as it is already and the new content is meh. Of the three new companions I'm only slightly interested in the Wild Mage girl because I've always liked the class. I probably won't touch the monk (I hate DnD monks) and the Half-Orc Blackguard (I always found Blackguards to be such a silly concept. Fighters with some vaguely evilish abilities haphazardly tacked on, being all evil and stuff.). The only thing I feel is really worthwhile in this is that they promised to make the game easier to mod by leaving a lot more things soft-coded. I hope that'll breath some life into the BG modding community again.

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Waiting until they release it on a DRM free service, not gonna rent the game which I already own

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I'm heavily inclined to get it. But I'm not sure about the wait for BG2 EE. I much prefer Baldur's Gate 2 and don't want to wait too long to be able to slip from 1 to 2.

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Obviously, I have an above-average interest in the EEs, as the Mac version of BG has never worked on OS X, and BG2 not on Intel. I have both the games on the win partitions of all computers I own, and frankly, I get tired of the amount of compulsory mods I have to install every time. Worth it for the time saving, alone, not sure to what degree all the compulsory bg2 mods will deprecated, but we'll see.

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Very much looking forward to the release of 1 and 2, and hoping they'll help bridge the gap until Eternity comes out. BG 2 is the game for me, and the fact that the kickstarter talked about Obsidian felt similarly was the prime motivator for my interest. The deep character interaction and having a wide variety of interesting things to say to other characters made the BGs so much more immersive than other RPGs. I'm hoping they'll be able to recreate that feeling in Eternity.

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Oh dear, legal troubles. BG2EE delayed, BGEE no longer for sale on Beamdog (still is on Steam though).

Yup, I grabbed it on Steam just in case.


It seems like Atari might be having a tiff with Beamdog. It's possible it's Hasbro. Developers confirmed it wasn't EA.

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Atari is in receivership which may well be the ultimate problem, as some sort of royalties stoush seems likely. I suspect if it was Hasbro then it'd be gone off steam as well, since last time there were problems with Hasbro the D&D games disappeared from everywhere.

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