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Anyone else happy there is no 'Raise Dead'-like spell?

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At least for my first play through, I'll likely go with the maim option rather than permadeath. Especially if the party companions have sidestories/quests associated with them, I don't want them dying early on and missing out on all that content.

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The reload thing was a joke. ;)


I think BG handled it ok. Raise dead was only possible when the body wasn't destroyed (if body parts flip around when someone died - overkill, then it wasn't possible to get the person back to life), when the body was still intact and death wasn't too long ago, then u could restore the person to a condition before death (so a small jump in time for one person), at least that is how I explained it to myself. That's why I never bothered, it fit well in my own lorebook.


I don't mind it not being implemented, if the new game handles it well. I guess I would like to see death as well (like I explained BG also had a possibility of permadeath), so will go with deathversion. To have guys in your party severly weakened is a reason to reload anyway plus it just sounds strange if someone is almost death on the ground and still takes 2 fireballs and then still is only weakened but not dead. I think that is way more illogical than the bg-system.


One drawback may be that if there are 2 ways to handle death, then it probably will not appear in lore at all, because the game will have to work in both ways (if you didn't chose permadeath, then the games lore still has to make sense for you).

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I can imagine myself losing a named party member and going to the Adventurer's Hall for a reasonable facsimile. He shall be Edair II, and I shall treat him exactly the same. When he eventually falls as well I shall raise his dead corpse and recount the days of old before Edair Prime was brutally maimed by a dire bear. It shall be brilliant.


Or I'll just reload immediately and try the fight again like I did in Baldur's Gate. I don't know if I'm hardcore enough to even roleplay through permanent injuries.

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Really glad they're either not having raise-dead or making it incredibly rare/maybe plot specific. I think any game where it's something you end up doing every few hours (or even more frequently) really undermines any plot elements in the rest of the game that hinge on death, and more generally just the sense of how the entire fantasy world would work.


I think the problem of making a game with a real sense of threat, vs reload spamming or the tedium of having to repeat large sections of the game is a really difficult one, I'm glad that it sounds like they're trying to address it from the start and I'm really interested to see what they come up with.

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"I've mentioned this in other threads, but the treatment of 'Raise Dead' in other games has always slightly bugged me. It diminishes the impact of someone dying when all you have to do is drag them down the street to the local temple, throw a few hundred gold in the donation bowl and walk out with your dead buddy now as good as new. "


Only because BG series copped out and made it too easy. PNP RD and R aren't so easily accomplished. You certainly can't lazily walk into a temple and pay a few hundred smackeroos to get someone raised. It ended up being a quest in of itself and even if a party member had access to the spell, it came with a huge price.


I cna live without it but to me it dumbs down magic for easy lazy game design.


All this does is make people reload anyways (unless you do iron man mode). *shrug*



"If I were expecting P:E to go the KOTOR route where everyone just passes out when they've been hacked repeatedly with a lightsaber, I would actually find the lack of raise dead to be a negative thing.


I think the Obsidian people are smarter than that.



Yet, they've done exaxtly that in the past.



P.S. That said, they aren't going that route in PE which is a good thing. As that is lame.

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i think it fits well with the lore of the world...reincarnation is a confirmed process and resurrection flies in the face of that and breaks the system.


now perhaps a resurrection spell that has to be cast within a few hours of death (ie before rigor mortis) MAY be acceptable but to be honest, I don't need spells like that either.

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Yeah, I can live with it. Not the first game not to ahve raises. To me, it just weakens magic but at least the 'soul' thing can lend credence to it somehwat.

well necromancy is in the game so no doubt people are tinkering with resurrection...after all, magic is an evolving practice that grows with study.


I wouldn't be surprised if in the game somewhere you come across a mad necromancer who seems to be evil at first--but if you find a way to cure him of his madness (as opposed to killing him) he may offer you his services in the form of secret necromancy he discovered (ie come to him if your companions ever get killed)

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Let death be death.


Now all I need is to get Obsidian to get Terry Pratchett to let them do a Discworld RPG.

Then Death could really be Death. Unless he's the Death of Rats. Or on vacation... then Death would be Susan, I guess.

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I haven't followed too closely any developer comment on companion death in combat, and how it will be handled. Will they die, or will they be "knocked out" until after the battle is over if their HP hits zero?


If it's the latter, then a Raise Dead spell is irrelevant anyway since they just revive after the battle is over with.


The update says there will be two stats for taking damage: stamina and health. Lose all your stamina and you're unconscious, lose all your health and you're either maimed (in standard gameplay) or dead dead dead (in Expert mode, or as an option in standard gameplay) with no possibility of coming to life again.



Sounds like Jagged Alliance 2 health and energy.


If you took a shotgun shot in the chest while wearing kevlar armor, you lost energy/stamina and could fall to the ground with the air punched out of your lungs, but you recieved little to no actual health damage.


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yeah, and in jagged alliance 2 you could bandage wounds up but it took a while to heal properly


I'm glad to see no resurrection, I think its stupid and I never used it in baldurs gate...and neither did the NPCs... never once did I see an enemy cleric raise a dead ally, seemed like a cheat that only the player got


fallout did fine without it

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I'm very happy the game wion't have any Raise Dead or the like. For one it will make death mean something, and the drama won't feel contrived when someone important bites the bullet for example. For another, it'll encourage less cheap one-shot tactics on behalf of the enemies, or at least I hope so.

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I've mentioned this in other threads, but the treatment of 'Raise Dead' in other games has always slightly bugged me. It diminishes the impact of someone dying when all you have to do is drag them down the street to the local temple, throw a few hundred gold in the donation bowl and walk out with your dead buddy now as good as new. It also turns plot-line deaths into a farce; when Khalid or Yoshimo or whoever get killed permanently in BG2, they have to dance around the question of why you can't just grab their body and revive them ('Oh, his body has been....ummm, defiled! Yeah, that's the ticket! Can't resurrect defiled people!)


It also raises all sorts of philosophical questions about just how radically the ability to reverse death would change a society, questions which are of course never really answered in most fantasy settings. Rather than again not answer them here, I'm glad to see they'll just set the issue aside entirely and leave us with appropriately pseudo-medieval levels of healing.


Though it does raise all sorts of questions about the specifics of how healing will work in-game....


I see your point but I don't see the issue with any spell that can resurrect a dead player for a number of reasons that include

  • In a world of dragons, monsters, spells and physical manifestations of gods the ability to avoid permanent death isn't such an unbelievable option. This is a fantasy setting after all
  • In this type of world the cost to resurrect a dead person from a temple would still be too expensive for your average citizen. So you wouldn't have this common view that if a person dies "we just take him to the local temple". Death would still be feared and respected

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I really like it, that there is no easy and powerful curative magic in the game. It will be much easier for Obsidian to create a consistent and believable fantasy setting this way.

And yes, I know my profile picture is blasphemy on this forum, but I didn't have the audacity to use The Nameless One.

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I would prefer them to die and stay dead however in other games the amount of times an ally dies due to stupid AI/lag/bug/random effect/falls of cliff etc.. etc.. I'm glad I can have it set to "maimed". I would play with them so if they die they die and maybe when the games out I will but it depends on what the AI is like.


ps. I have played 'real' mode in lots of games and sulk when I do die..... But thats my fault not the AIs.

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