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  1. 1. Whould you like another Continent/ Island and haw BIG ?

    • Yes, continent size of known world (at this moment)
    • Yes, Continent not so big as known world but not smaller then 1/2 of it
    • Yes, Big island not bigger than 1/2 of known world
    • Yes, Island but small let's say 1/4 of known world
    • Yes, but tiny island 1/8 size of known world or less
    • I don't have opinion
    • No ! ( Please tell why ? )
  2. 2. What type of extras whould you like with it ? (multi answer)

    • Own ship/ boat
    • Naval battles ( for example with pirates)
    • New oriental monsters
    • New Quest (small)
    • New Quests (Big also affecting storyline)
    • Sea Exploration
    • Placeing there this Big city numer 2 (one of Stretch Goals)
    • Other (say what please :) )
  3. 3. If this type of dream will sucseed haw it should be added "IN YOUR OPINION" ?

    • DLC or Expansion ! its to big for Stretch Goal
    • Stretch Goal or in this project.
    • Other (Say what)

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Whould you travel renting boat/ ship or even HAVING you own ship ?


Whould you like to fight a pirates an a sea battle ? Do you like an idea of NEW coninet ? To travel unknown land ? Fighing lokals or exotic beasts ?


Whould you like to drink a bottle of rum, arrrrrrr :)


The idea of new land/ continent got to me when i saw a new strech goal "Big city 2", it's perfect oportunity to discuss about increase the known limits of maps.


The posobilitis of this expanion are BIG .. new type of monsters, new type of quests, new exploration abylitis, sea battels, sea exploration and more more more ...


I invite you to discusion.


Rules :


1. Whe don't discuss subcect as "Ehh.. no this is to much work" etc. Becouse it's not our consern, if the game desiners recognize that this is too much work they will surely now better, We only expess our dreams not the posibilyty and do not discuss whether we succeed.


2. Don't send messeges like "i let them decide" of coure you will, im only asking if you LIKE a new content


Thanks for Atention

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NO!: I would enjoy a desert oasis, a big one, as an option.

Other: You can do sandship stuff, I guess, would maybe even add to the magic and flavour of the world.

Edit: you could explore ancient ruins, find lost treasure, battle sandstorm devils that seem to come out of nowhere, sand animating to form an avatar.(maybe too much to ask?) You could have the cold night-time desert, where glowing lights in the distance maybe attracting or foreboding.

Other: Expansion for sale. not DLC, not in this project.

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Remember: Argue the point, not the person. Remain polite and constructive. Friendly forums have friendly debate. There's no shame in being wrong. If you don't have something to add, don't post for the sake of it. And don't be afraid to post thoughts you are uncertain about, that's what discussion is for.
Pet threads, everyone has them. I love imagining Gods, Monsters, Factions and Weapons.

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NO!: I would enjoy a desert oasis, a big one, as an option.


You know there are many types of continents an islands, even desert like and im sure they can have oasis, the climates can by very diffren even a snow island is possible.


Im sure climate can be wery diffrent of any island we have british isles, and bahamas totaly difrent.

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I found some pictures fron Risen 2 Dark Waters, i think that whould be awsome if they put this type of content in Eternity besides we alrady know that there will be piretes.


Example for isalnd and Pirate fight





Nextr example for island and ship




And a exapmle for Oriental Monsters.



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Well, I remember the first time I was to travel to an island, in Tales of the Sword Coast, I was pretty excited just with the fact that it would be an island. There's always something mysterious about an island. But then there's the question of how the action is going to proceed in the island, and what kind of landscape/buildings will it have. Usually I prefer cities or dungeons (or a very busy landscape) to explore, because deserted planes where there's only battle end up taking disk space without adding much to the game. There's still much to explore with the island concept I think; TotSC was ok, and the island in IWD:HoW was mostly a waste of time. My favorite so far is Spellhold Asylum, and it's not exactly an island.


(note: you should use a spellcheck when you create topics. No offense)

Project Eternity: Interactive/animated or descriptive? Check my poll and vote!

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By watching world map I noticed some possibilities.




The south-West

Posibility for traveling in this direction from the bay of crowns to a risen-type island/continent like Bahamas. Or even dessert island.


The West

Posibility from Pearlwood gulf or Telaner or road's end, for some kind of England or Irlend type of climate, of coure risen type is still posible (it all goes down to clime)


The North-West

Echo Bay. It's still posible for an england type of island/continent but also some kind of Scandinavian type of island, mayby even posible that island lokated there may have viking type locals.

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Josh said in a recent interview that the current map is about the same size as Spain in real world terms. You are probably only viewing less than 20% of the current continent if that is the case.


So ti is big posipility there is something beyound the sea ! :)


Of coure in this poll when i sed "Know world" i meant current map size. So if anywon is coffused im sory :)

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OK. I thought about bringing new topic with my idea of another possible candidate for special story, but at second thought i searched for similar topics and decided to raise entire theme by addition of my story.


First of all i voted for:

1) Would you like another Continent/ Island and haw BIG ? - Yes, but tiny island 1/8 size of known world or less

2) What type of extras would you like with it ? (multi answer) -

  • New Quest (small)
  • New Quests (Big also affecting storyline)
  • Other (say what please :) )

3) If this type of dream will sucseed haw it should be added "IN YOUR OPINION" ? - Stretch Goal or in this project.


And that's why:

My idea may abstractly be summarised as floating island.

Imagine that long long ago was an island/part of shore/whatever with thick/dense/rich/deep vegetation which piled up on each other for millennia and place periodically have been populated and abandoned, so, with the lapse of time, no one realy payed particular attention to or remembered that place. Then, "suddenly" (during volcanic activity/hurricane/global disaster/era of bad weather), something happened to place/world (island drowned/during/part of shore torn away from a coast/whatever) and traces of place were lost. Then, again with the lapse of time, what happened came to end and people forgot about it.


Recent events (of known or unknown nature), which took place at time just before our PC arrives, have changed the nature of world and gave food to many rumours and local legends, one of which was that sometimes (apparently in particular periods from different places) people (or other intelligent population representatives) saw fata morgana of large green land appearing on horizon and disappearing in fog.


This would be the story of (apparently) long lost part of shore which was so densely vegetated that remained afloat travelling driven by powerful ancient underwater current (like Gulfstream being able to move huge icebergs) and mighty cyclones (like Katrina) back and forth for who knows how long; which are just by last events, just before our PC arrives, changed their natural way and approach the island to mainland. Again, with the lapse of time, coastal population learned (or will learn apparently with or without help of PC) that island remained populated for all its history by mysterious race/intelligent species of some kind/souls/whatever and learned (or will learn apparently with or without help of PC) to deal with it by trading/fighting/praying/whatever by learning periods and places it may (will) appear. For hard options places may be randomized between known locations along different seasons.


Another possible landmark may be the reappearing oasis in the middle of nowhere (desert) which seasonally changes location (following the underground water currents for example); in other words basically works on the principals similar to the above. It's up to developers to explain how and if it will be populated.


Developers may throw some quest to gain the favor of floating island inhabitants by solving problem caused by evil (or not so) forces (like fixing current flow or finding disappeared cyclone which were disturbed and threatening to stop the island or even bring it back to shore) or whatever. And then inhabitants will give PC access to their island to learn their mysterious nature/deeply hidden secret powers/loot some items/join the dark side. And of course such landmark (by its nature) can't be shown no map exactly, or wont appear on map at all.


People are welcomed to share their opinion if interested in subject. Developers are welcomed to consider involvement of story of this kind in main plot, if ever. :)

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