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Hire David Ogden Stiers As The Narrator


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  1. 1. Would you like Obsidian to hire David Ogden Stiers as the narrator?

    • Yes
    • No, I'd like to see Obsidian hire someone else
    • No, I don't think Project Eternity needs a narrator

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Kevin Michael Richardson anyone?

Definitely. I thought Kevin Michael Richardson's readings of the dreams in Baldur's Gate were top notch. They really drew you in. I always looked forward to one of those sequences.


I'm sure Obsidian will find appropriate voice actors for all the necessary roles but there's no harm in discussing the subject.


Personally, my favorite video game narration is Campbell Lane's work on the Homeworld series. His voice is chilling.



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I'll throw my support behind the idea that a female narrator would be a compelling departure from tried and tired fantasy conventions, in this sort of area.


That having said, I think that narration by a character who is either insinuated into the story (merely for the sake of lending them tangential relevance to it), or already present within the story, is generally a good idea. I don't feel there needs to be an unnamed omniscient narrator, in a modern RPG.


However, I'd be interested in what anyone's argument would be, for an unnamed omniscient narrator specifically, rather than a narrator from a frame story, or a narrator from within the story.

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Kevin Michael Richardson!

How about Brian Blessed?

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