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Character-creation idea: Write a character bio, the community gives you the stats

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Assuming this game is going to have stats, or some sort of random qualifiers I was thinking of new character creation system:

1) When you create your character, instead of choosing your class, stats, etc, you write a bio for your character.

2) The text is uploaded to a server, then you review other players' characters assigning classes and stats based on their bios until you collect enough karma

3) Finally you receive a character sheet (which can be open or invisible) which the most voted options/averaged stats for your character


What do you think about this? Could it work maybe not as the main character creation system, but as an optional system?

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How about you just post your bio on the forums and people give you the stats?


There are a few problems with that. First you have that one criticism can influence the next, then you have some people participating a lot and others not that much, and also it wouldn't be a totally anonymous system because in the forum you can see their avatar. Another thing would be if afterwards the results were public for anyone to see and they could be voted to decide the best bio ::mouth watering::

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I think you would have groups of people trolling who would only give low stats and other people who felt bad and have all high stats. Maybe you'd be happy with an in-game test that (optionally) determines some of your attributes a la Fallout 3?


If you seriously want your writing to be critiqued by strangers... on the internet... you're just asking for trouble.

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I don't see how this could possibly be even close to a good idea. Besides that, are you telling me that I'd have to create my character, and then WAIT around for hours/days/weeks while people decide what the end result is?


As a social/creative exercise, this could be fun. But not in the actual game.

Do you like hardcore realistic survival simulations? Take a gander at this.

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