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Update #20: Lore Tidbits, Campaign Almanac, Big Ol' Stretch Goals, and... Environment Screenshot!

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I'm assuming my stronghold will have a wine cellar.... just sayin'. It all looks great. Since these appear to be the last of the stretch goals, I might have to go in for a couple of those almanac thingies. I'll already get the almanac from my teir, and then maybe I'll get an almanac for a couple of other folks too. The screenshot is already my background and it looks splendid.

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The stronghold at 3.0 mil makes me a verry happy camper.....this is nearly guaranteed to happen at this point.


The second big city I would absolutely love to see implemented but seems like a long shot with 3.5 mil so I'm not getting my hopes up on this one.


Still...amazing update.


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Excellent update. I'm playing "dream the impossible dream" as we speak.


That screenshot is awesome! It definitely recaptures the feel of the old IE games. But! I was really hoping to see a character :( I know it's really early and so on but characters in P:E won't be the 2D sprites like the previously were. I was really hoping to see what 3D characters would look like...Maybe just before the end of the kickstarter?

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So, anyway here's what I think about the screenshot.


I think its amazing that they are utilizing the latest computational power to create such a realistic looking scene. It really does give a new breath of life to the concept of pre-rendered background. it makes it feel current.


Pre-render scene takes computational time too and so there was a limit to the quality of pre-rendered scenes done 5-10 years ago. With this improved quality, despite the fact that its pre-rendered, really does make this concept feels current.


Anyway, the challenge now would be the real time rendered part. They need to be of such amazing quality to allow them to fit into such realistic background. I'm sure it kills the experience if the background is realistic but the characters are walking blocks. But I have absolute trust in Obsidian to get everything right. This screenshot shows that they are not skimping on anything.


Well done Obsidian! Keep it up.

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That's an amazing piece of art.

Simply imagining the running water makes for one amazing scene.

3.5M for 2 Big cities is so worth it, guess I'll have to see if I can increase that pledge some more :)

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That's the stuff right there, the lore's as engrossing as the land.

Quite an experience to live in misery isn't it? That's what it is to be married with children.

I've seen things you people can't even imagine. Pearly Kings glittering on the Elephant and Castle, Morris Men dancing 'til the last light of midsummer. I watched Druid fires burning in the ruins of Stonehenge, and Yorkshiremen gurning for prizes. All these things will be lost in time, like alopecia on a skinhead. Time for tiffin.


Tea for the teapot!

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You came through and gave me a super awesome screenshot AND a campaign almanac?

This makes me happy. I don't think we'll be able to make all the stretch goals, though, but I'm pleased with what we have (still, a big city would be nice).


Unfortunately, I've reached my limit for what I can afford to pledge.

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I agree that that is such a stupid idiotic pathetic garbage hateful retarded scumbag evil satanic nazi like term ever created. At least top 5.


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