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Obsidian is going to open its own store. I think this deserves its own topic.

Here are comments from Kickstarter page:

Funny you should say that. Darren has made a pledge to get our own store up that will sell everything we make (as long as we can get agreements in place with our publishers). I know it sounds a bit odd that we need to get an agreement in place to sell a game that we have made. But, it's not actually weird or an evil publisher doing anything. We just need to have an agreement like anyone would who sells the game - like a publisher would have with Amazon.
Darren has promised to get an Obsidian store up soon, so that we can sell games and other merchandise as well. We are not totally sure when, but the hope is within the next 30 to 45 days (giving ourselves some trial, error and testing time).


I'm really glad they are working on their own trading place. Sometimes it is hard to find Obsidian games - especially box version. It is even harder to find a site providing delivery without country restrictions.

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Coffee mugs dammit... we want to buy coffee mugs!


Oh, and A2 posters with concept art for their various games.

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Blast your coffee mugs, I want a teacup.


Edit: 3 in a row!

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Maybe it's the nerd in me after watching Big Bang Theory and seeing the t-shirts Sheldon's always wearing, but I think Obsidian should have a host of t-shirts available in their online store. They can range from just a basic t-shirt with Obsidian Entertainment written on the front, to more graphic t-shirts with either the names or famous characters from their previous games.

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