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Funky Warriors of the 1500s: the look of PE?

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I think people are a bit worried by the relatively late tech setting of this game for a classic fantasy CRPG. I mean *drum roll* it has muskets.


Having looked at the concept art, though, it is clear that thusfar they have played it safe. The male warrior is wearing nondescript armour, perhaps cuirbolli or even brigandine of some sort. Cadegund is wearing classic 1400-1500s plate armour (it looks so tight it must be akin to the most expensive, bespoked Milanese plate).


I am advocating that perhaps the art direction should fully embrace the funkiness of true high medieval / renaissance style when it come to armour and how characters dress.


Behold, a motley crew of soldiery from the 1500s...




Most elegant. Swords are still de riguer, proper war-swords, along with small target / buckler size shields. Love the feathered hats and britches.


And what is this? A Dutch musketeer of the 1500s, apparently fighting corsairs on the Malabar coast (in of itself a mouth-wateringly exotic prospect).




Meanwhile, in Japan, the 15th Century was awesome when it came to looking to cool for skool, love the halberd...




what of the ladies? Would we not like to see a female chanter or mage caprisioned thus?




Feel free to comment on whether you would like old-medieval hey-nonnie-nonnie type stuff or, like me, you want to dive headfirst into a true 1500s vibe?

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I never really liked the 1500s stuff. Stick with medieval, IMHO - maybe with some later elements. Like Top Hats and Monocles. Because the Chapeau of Magnetic Inversion was what made Arcanum awesome.

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This is fantasy. Not realism. The armors and clothings should reflect that as well.


Did we say it shouldn't? We are talking about inspiration, not duplication.


U.S. developers can't do Medieval/Renaissance historical inspired armors, they have different cultural background. Obsidianz is not CD Projekt RED. Do not want.


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You really do attach way to much importance to countries. I'm pretty confident even the smelly colonials at Obsidian are able to read and even do so on a regular basis.


It's his shtick at this point haha.

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I really like that in-your-face horse combat piece. It's the perspective.


As to armor ... I'd like to see a variety of inspirations and not just the same ol' same ol'. Take a piece of this, mix and match, whatever. As long as it isn't too over the top redonkulous ... parade/ceremonial armor should be left in the parade, imo.

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Why does Robin Hood: Men in Tights spring to mind?


I'm sure the modding community will come up with enhanced garb to complement whatever Obsidian develops. We won't be able to see that much detail on the game's denizens anyway.

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You really do attach way to much importance to countries. I'm pretty confident even the smelly colonials at Obsidian are able to read and even do so on a regular basis.

I don't talk about this. I say they can't make this properly, because European culture alien to them.

For example this is chinese warriors by Angus Mcbridge


They look simplified and clownish with comparison to illustration of Liu Yong Hua



so I would prefer the original U.S. design than inept imitation of someone.

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as much as others want "realism" in their fantasy...i want actual fantasy. If clothing and armor is elaborate...let it be due to a good reason, be it cultural, scientific or magical.


this is a new, non-publisher controlled I.P.


I want obsidian to go BALLS DEEP and as radical as they see fit with everything in this world.

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I'll throw my lot (as usual) in with the more conservative, real-centric crowd. I have a limited sense of credulity when it comes to arms and panoplies and if something insipid makes me roll my eyes, then it genuinely detracts from the pleasure of playing the game.


Here are some attractive swords and some attractive bows. One need not detract or add too much in the way of "artistic license" to these weapons to come up with a very satisfying range of plain to ornate arms for the game.


Much the same applies to panoplies--squire plain to royal parade, it still needs to look functional. It's armor, not S&M gear, after all.



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We're men... we're men in tights

We roam around the forest looking for fights.

We're men... we're men in tights.

We rob from the rich and give to the poor, that's right.


We may look like sissys,

but watch what you say or else we'll put out your lights.

"It has just been discovered that research causes cancer in rats."

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