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Anyone know how to check for dev responses?

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Just curious if anyone has seen anyone from Obsidian respond in these forums? If so, is there a way to sort or search on posts that have a response by a member of the staff?


Speculation is nice but I would love to see any feedback coming the other way as well.


If you do have any posts with Obsidian responses can you link them so I can see what they look like?




Maybe I can query on author name etc.

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If you go to a particular developer's forum profile and click the "Find Content" button, then tell it to show posts only, you can see their posts.


There's also a few developer posts quoted and linked in the known information thread.


I don't think there's any other means available at this time.

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For Project Eternity, search all posts by J.E. Sawyer and you've got most of them. If you want to get absolutely everything, he also posts often as rope kid on somethingawful, and responds on his formspring account (J.E. Sawyer). He also has a blog with intermittent updates.

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