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Could Events cause Party size growth temporarily?

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Kind of, Quest events.


Imagine doing Kivan's quest, but from being a third-party. Where he leads and you follow (and would you walk back he would continue forward). During the time you follow on his quests you would pretty much be a 7 man party, with perhaps some basic shouts a la "Watch out!", "Get over here", "Follow me for a while". You wouldn't have any mechanical control but this could be a tactical aspect in itself in combat (Controlling an out of Party companion with limited tactical management, controlling several? Lead an army? xD). Of course, the companion should have some proper AI.


I'm thinking Side-Kick Heroes, basically potential Companions or traveler's, that travels the world actively doing one Quest tree.

Every NPC usually has their own in-built Quest tree that they have to follow right? That you have to do anyways?


If Time is going to be a resource, would you miss certain Quests, companions?

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I'm not 100% sure, but I seem to remember reading about the occasional npc joining for specific quests and that would be beside the 5 companion slots.

I read this somewhere as well, although I doubt the temporary NPCs will be very balance altering.

Exile in Torment



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