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Magic: Limited Casting?


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  1. 1. Limited Magic?

    • Yes, but only as an Option.
    • Yes, but only on Expert Difficulty
    • No
    • Other (please specify)
    • Undecided

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This is one of those things that for the sake of it I wouldn't include as the default - Most people pick wizzards/mages/casters in any and all games for the ability to hurl fireballs, zap foes and freeze enemies at will. If you severely limit casting it although it will massively improve the story/lore/tactical requirement to get the right combination (imho) you instantly switch off an entirely fun aspect of the game for many players.


It's good to have but only of you want it on.

Juneau & Alphecca Daley currently tearing up Tyria.

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I don't get it. How would you restock on more "magic"?


by sleeping, dnd 2.5 style. You have a certain number of spells you can memorize (and you get more slots as you level up), and you have those spells for the day, until you sleep again and rememorize.


Its a great system for encouraging tactics in my opinion

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