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Good day everyone!


This topic will be about the console and mods. Everyone here have most likely played a game where they have encountered a problem. The npc didn't give you the item, the door is did not get unlocked, the npc actor did not spawn, the trigger for the quest did not activate, you did not get moved to whatever zone and so on. So what i hope is that Obsidian will sit down and make a console that allow people to use commands to get around problems in case they happen.


List of commands that should be in the game (with a few tweaks)


Spawn NPC actor

Spawn item

Increase / decrease reputation

Move all party members to zone + x,y

Trigger script's


-Start actor conversation



-Specific events within quests and other encounters

Experience, stats,skills, spells, god mode.



*If you have the console on then you can mouse over ANY object within the game to get information including the quest journal and get a list of the "important" triggers for it and the quests command line itself, if you mouse over the terrain you will see the zones name and x,y location. If you mouse over a npc you will see its script name also and so on (traps, chests)


*Easy to use scrolling and smart function. If you start to write a command:

/Spawnactor E

Then if you scroll you should have a list of all the "actors" that start on the letter E

Same with items and the commands themself you should be able to see and scroll to find the ones you want.



Comments? Flames? More commands that might be important? Trolling? Cookies?



Lets move on to "mods"


We know that we will most likely not get any tools to help us make mods / content for the game. But i still have a thing that i hope Obsidian will think about when they make the game. What is that you might ask? Well most people here have most likely at some point used a "fanpatch" of some kind. What i hope that Obsidian will do is to make it "easier" for people to change, mod and fix problems within the game. They should have a good file structure that is easy to poke around with. It should be easy to "add" things to the game itself by having the game check a folder for any changes to the game (for example a place where you can add a fan patch).


Comments? Flames? Anything else that should be added to make it easier? Trolling Cookies?



So what do everyone think? Good? Bad? I do hope that Obsidian keep these things in mind as they work on the game to make it easier to fix, easier to make fan patches for and the ability to get around bugs that might happen.


Thanks for taking your time to read!

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I agree that being able to manipulate the game using console commands does make things more interesting, whether its for gameplay purposes or to modify some technical detail.


Mods, thats extremely important. Unfortunately we don't seem a tool to support it. Modding capabilities is one of the most important thing in a video game, because not only it allow fans to create new content that can be shared with everyone, it also allows the community to fix the game where the dev fails to do so, and this is super important.

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Point of clarification: Title really should say "in-game console commands" because "CONSOLE" will probably make people think you're asking for a port. :biggrin: (Although that may be a good way to drum up more views and discussion, I suppose.)


In general, I like the idea of an accessible command console... On the other hand, I would really hope that major bugs like being stuck in an area or an NPC not triggering will be ironed out in the beta--a huge beta due to Kickstarter access.


Per mods, while I would like them available, there are too many factors that only Obsidian knows about, which is why we have Update 12 and the projection that they won't be able to consider them until some time into development. So I have to remain neutral on that.

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I might be wrong here but I think that the console being available in the old-school RPGs wasn't exactly a 'feature' but simply a side-effect of how the game was setup, modding wise.

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Going to see if i can get it changed.

As Westley might say... "As you wish." :)

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I know from experience that the console being active, or available through some means, can be a real boon to modders and people trying to implement a mod or certain mod elements.

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Does anyone know a command for forcing all characters into walk mode? Since Obsidian doesn't seems to think walking is necessary in a roleplaying game, and that its perfectly normal to run like an idiot in libraries, shops, taverns, etc... I'll have to use the console command to make my character walk. Anyone knows what it is?



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