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As soon as I read the $2.4M goal "Crafting and Enchanting" all these horrible Skyrim memories poured out.

"Hey, there's a dragon right there, let's kill it in under 30 seconds and still have 95% of our HP left".


"I just torched this whole village with my super armor and infinite spells because the guards are too weak to defend it".

It was only a matter of time until Throne of Baal came to mind too, with their "rogues and wizards can wear any armor" or other equally overpowered capabilities.


PLEASE do not allow the crafting and enchanting (C&R) to spoil the fun by making the game too easy.

After you finish the $2.4M goal line look back and ask yourselves:

- Will this make roaming around the world solo a lot easier?

- Is it possible to create an item that's better than the one you got from slaying that Giant_Cyclops_on_steroids that killed half my party?

- Will the Expert Mode, Trial of Iron and Path of the Damned be the only real challenges in the game once the C&R is implemented?

If you answer any of these questions with "yes", please go back and lower the power level for C&R.



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