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Spear and Shield

spear and shield weapons spear shield

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They wont remove it... they can't... they... Lephys... *sighs*. So anyway I look forward to a spear setup for one of my classes, always liked shield/spear on druid types for some weird reason. As for vikings an axe is just about as cheap as a spear and vikings, in general, didn't have a single weapon. The whole Spear/Shield thing in ancient times also often had a backup gladious. Same with vikings, except usually an axe or 2.

Also cRPG didn't invent the blunt differentials that's been in DnD forever. Well before 3E but as of 3E the vast majority of blunt weapons have a 20/x2 crit modifier which is the worst of the lot but the vast majority of monsters have no resistance vs blunt weapons. Good chunk of golems can't even be hurt unless you have a blunt, most undead have some hefty immunity to slashing and piercing weapons. Zombies in 3.5 had something like 10/blunt. Meaning only way to bypass that 10 DR was with a blunt weapon.

In the end it makes sense, outside of massive sledgehammers most blunt weapons take a 2 or more swings to crack open a skull (or a real lucky solid hit). Kinda depends, either case the damage they produce is rather consistent regardless of protection... unless your, I dunno, in one of them dog biting suits. And who the ****s going into battle with one of those?

Meant SHIELD/Spear, not sword >.>

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Spears were popular for fighting on horseback because of their range, that's also right for the middle ages, I admit. And the city watch also used spears and halberds, but mostly not for real fighting but for deterrence and symbol of their stand.

I also admit that spears were used in the middle ages by poor peasants and landsknechts, but not very often by knights. A spear was a weapon for the poor because you only need a stick and a little iron point. And I think the companions in PE should be no poor peasants who couldn't buy not even a sword. And even if they fight with a spear they would certainly exchange it with a sword from a fallen enemy if they had the chance to do so. wink.png

Vikings used spears as well but their greatest appearance in Europe was at the very beginning of the middle ages and not at the end. At the beginning of the middle ages armor techniques weren't as sophisticated as in the transition to the Renaissance and same is true for weapons techniques.



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What am I missing in this thread? Spears and and shields can be used together? My kana is currently and has been using spear with a shield

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