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Well my best memories are in some NWN modules and WoW RP servers.

Also i miss my full time RPing "Thieves Guild" in Ulitma online most of the time, we were such heartless bastards :/

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If I'm being honest, my best moments in RPGs were probably MMORPGs, so I don't know how that helps Obsidian with this game. They were moments when we lost a tank, a healer (or sometimes both) and still managed to complete an instance despite it. Much as I love SP games, nothing beats there being some total stranger in some distant corner of the Internet who is on your wavelength, enjoys doing the material and is willing to work a bit for the glory of pulling off a win against the odds.


I suppose slightly more helpful to Obsidian would be the example of trying dungeons in WoW with just hunter and pet. Hunter was actually one of the last classes I levelled, but you can have a lot of fun with it if you're willing to go very, very slowly. In late tier Wrath of the Lich King it was actually possible to "solo" normal dungeons from that expansion.


In terms of purely SP games, I suppose it's the standard moments for me, like the twist in KotOR, the death in FFVII, the first time you see the Ghostgate with no blight storm in Morrowind etc. I tend to think of plot points rather than mechanics for highlights in a standard RPG, and I suppose that is a help to Obsidian. No amount of work on mechanics alone can equal a good plot point.

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My best RPG experiences probably mostly occurred while playing Dark Age of Camelot:


I had a totally defense oriented paladin that gained a lot of RvRvR credit at a relatively low level by ressurecting players who died during Relic raids. Very few classes could ressurect and they weren't popular for RvR. Relic raids involved hundereds of people and really felt like war was occuring.


I was in the Darkness Falls dungeon, on my paladin, soloing rough monsters for profit when an assassin tried to jump me. I ended up killing the assassin, the creature I was fighting, and additional creatures that wandered into our fight. It was glorius! Another assassin 1 shot killed me later, but that was all part of the fun.


Fighting a legendary creature with a large group of players and barely surviving with almost everyone dead or weakened.


Playing as an assassin and hunting other assassins. It is like a recreation of subs hunting each other, hoping for a sonar ping to fire at.


Using amnesia on a magician's mind controled pet, setting it free, and watching the poor sap get mauled to death by it.


Great stuff like that.

Grandiose statements, cryptic warnings, blind fanboyisim and an opinion that leaves no room for argument and will never be dissuaded. Welcome to the forums, you'll go far in this place my boy, you'll go far!


The people who are a part of the "Fallout Community" have been refined and distilled over time into glittering gems of hatred.
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I would have to say whole Planescape: Torment. Almost all dialog, every character, every place and every piece of story is pure brilliance. Maybe single best moment was the begining when I knew nothing about world yet and something completely bizarre and unexpected happened (I won't tell what in case someone has not played this yet) First expression: Sceptical: What the f*** just happened? Then widening grin as I slowly started to realise this was going to be something completely different from anything I had seen before.


- Finale of Witcher 2 (you could only understand that if you read all the books)

I'm envious to all you lucky people who already have the whole series to read. Finnish translations are currently coming along slowly. 1 book/year and last one released was Blood of Elves. Still four more years to wait! English versions seem to be progressing even slower so no help from there either.


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I would say Icewind Dale 1 actually 2 things:

2. Music you could feel the cold and chill of winter thanks to it.

1. My Paladin text to Yxuomei minion in Dragon's Eye it was so great.

PS. Icewind Dale 1 was first IE game i played.

PS2. Sorry for bad English.

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I think it was that fight with Bastila Shan in KOTOR. Fighting her and desperately trying to convince her to come back to your side. I had to load quite a few times. It was the only time I'd load so many times just to get a wanted outcome in the game. Usually I just let it flow.


And the whole DA:O experience. There were so many small story bits to discover and so many outcomes that I actually played through the game four times. Has to be my record. And the joy when my female PC actually became queen of Ferelden! Priceless!

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- realizing what TNO did to Ignus in PS:T (of course, PS:T had many great moments, but that's what sticks to me the most)

- first play of Morrowind, getting lost in the swamp then finding the first settlement waaay after nightfall

- Dead Money (on hardcore mode, with mods that increase all damage taken - it was beautiful :lol:)

- ending of ToB

- realizing that KotOR 2 has basically the same story as PS:T, only in a Star Wars setting

- first play of Alpha Protocol, the endgame: Marburg really respected me, and I was quite sure that I can find a way to avoid fighting him, but I also manipulated Parker into turning away from Leland... so they tried to kill each other, and I ended up having to fight a weakened Marburg :)

- Vampire: Bloodlines with its abundance of nicely written horror(-ish) quests, up until it all degraded into a mindless killing spree in the second half of the story

- Skyrim with all kinds of difficulty/realism-increasing mods; the moment I was finally strong enough to leave Riverwood at lvl 11

- Mordrin's death in ME3

- the end of the first chapter in Witcher 1 (the greatest example of a morally grey choice in the game - pity they ruined it in Chapter 4 for those who sided with the townsfolk)

- Arcanum's final boss

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Best cRPG experience came in the penultimate room of PST when the Nameless One confronted his past selves.


When I realised who "good memory" represented and having made the correct choices during the game and re-integrated that aspect to my TNO with a huge slab of text describing the flood of memories and Morgan's lush soundtrack playing in the background.....glorious.


Best PnP RPG experience was playing v1 AD&D, the original Ravenloft module. We were playing a d20 roll of 20 = multiple DMG with d8 determining the multiplier (x2,x3,x4).


The firwst encounter with Count Strahd and on the first roll of the dice, we win initiative. My paladin (wielding a Holy Avenger) rolls 20, 8 and 8. With all the additional multipliers in effect, he managed to decapitated the good Count with his first swing. Needless to say as the friends playing fellow party members heartedly congratulated me, my best mate the DM combined both slack jawed disbelief and the evil eye. Great times!


Finally OP great post for bring back fond memories.


Well done!

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- Project Eternity, Wasteland 2 and Torment: Tides of Numenera; quality cRPGs are back !


                              image-163154-full.jpg?1348681100      3fe8e989e58997f400df78f317b41b50.jpg                            

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I don't know if it's what I'd call my "best" memory, but it is one that has stuck with me for over 20 years and something I've tried to recapture in games ever since. I remember playing one of the Gold box games for the first time (Pool of Radiance) and being new to RPG's I was fascinated by the whole experience. I can remember entering a cave very early in the game and being attacked by a group of about 20 kobolds and 4 or 5 shamans. I didn't take the fight very seriously at first(heh, they're only kobolds :getlost: ), that is until they killed my entire group within 2 turns. :blink: As I said, the whole RPG expeience was new to me and I must have reloaded that fight dozens of times. It became a personal quest of mine to beat that fight. After 2 days and about 3 hours of playing time, I finally beat it. :dancing:


That one battle hooked me on role playing games and I've since loved any game that can give that same type of challenge where I have to learn a new system or game mechanic.

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During my university times I was running a campaign for a group of my friends (one that took almost 2 years). We met at the dorm where two of them lived and used a room in the basement for our dungeon. Since me and one of the players didn't live in the dorm we had to walk there. Usually together as we lived in the same area. And so one day I decided that one of my players would Yoshimo the rest. The friend that lived near my place, was an obvious choice for the role. On the way to the dorm I explained everything to him and instructed him on how and when he was giong to betray his friends. And oh man did it play out great. I don't think I will ever forget the faces of the other three party members as they slowly realised what was happening. There, in the middle of a ruined castle, they were standing stripped of their weapons, surrounded by a group of the Emperor's servants. And "Yoshimo" was standing next to the enemy with a wicked smile on his face.

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There's a lot of moments from all the games I've played. I'll list two:


--FNV -Learning Boone's story and then during his quest agonizing over which dialogue might give him as pleasant an ending as possible. I wanted to save him from his torment. ;(

--BG1 -Going into this cave and discovering Xan. His attitude and lines made me laugh to a point I kept on clicking on him for long minutes just to hear them. I kept him in my party from then on. To this day I still quote those lines of his sometimes, during conversations.


In short, any character stories affecting my emotions is highly memorable because it's not something that I often experience while video-gaming, plus anything that makes me giggle out loud repeatedly.

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I loved all the conversations related to ToB's pocket sphere "quests". Probably because I've spent oh so many hours playing through BG1 and 2 and by the time I got my hands on ToB the story felt really personal and the before-mentioned conversations answered so many questions.


The moment I stepped into Amkethran for the last time also felt special. It was almost the end and I knew it. Oh, the music!

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Sponsoring prostitute for Morte - and then when he came back with her after sex, the line from Nameless One: "I don't even want to know how you did it." - utterly unforgettable, we laugh so much at it in school.


Reading Codex of the Inconceivable, is .... Inconceivable.


I think the starting quest line for Death Knights in Wrath of the Lich King was one of the best adventures/quests i played. And i think its pinnacle of blizzard development in RPGs- everything about it is great except the terrible ending (Light's Dawn quest).


Meeting with Myrkul in Motb was unforgettable as well (very good voice acting btw), i was so like "ooOOOmg, woooWooooWWW?" when i entered Limbo (or what was it).


My first battle with wolf in Baldur's gate 1 is definitely memorable - i was totally shocked that my super awesome Necromancer couldn't beat two wolfs.


A Dance With Rogues - probably best RPG mod ever created, and in my opinion best ever made along with T2X:Shadows of the Metal Age. I have a lot of great memories from there. There are so many unpredictable things and turns in the story - like one quest, where an innkeeper (secretly align with Rogues) should take you to forest to learn lay traps, and instead he leaves you there alone - "Well, this is a trap. Get from it!". Or sex with Vico at the gravestones in the brimstone covered plane of that spooky god (probably Jergal). Or in the Drow market for slaves, with dwarf couple(Duregars) browsing the merchandise.

Lover of Vice

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-It's a bit of a vague blur right now, but playing Darklands at a rather young age with some friends of mine, just as we were getting into Pen and Paper roleplaying. We were not that skilled in English, and didn't *really* grasp all the concepts of the game, but man did we love it.


-Following the excellent intro of Fallout 1, and stepping out of the cave (seeing the sunlight for the first time in your life...) and having the world map opening up. The entire game after that moment was completely magical.


-Oddly enough, the little encounter with Ingress in PS:T really got to me. Was really pleased that I could help her out.


-Creating a character for the first time in Arcanum. And later, making it to Tarant for the first time.


-Speaking with Myrkul in Mask of the Betrayer.

Listen to my home-made recordings (some original songs, some not): http://www.youtube.c...low=grid&view=0

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The one that really sticks in my mind is from playing Wizardry 7. I was starting again for the umpteenth time (I've probably started that game over 30 times) and was progressing normally, got to the Gorn King, went to get the map piece out of the chest...and it was actually there! I'd played that part of the game dozens of times, and never before had that piece of the map actually still been in the chest. I was floored. It turns out that the map pieces are actually in the chests when the game starts, and after a certain amount of time, someone comes and takes them. The idea that a game could actually change based on how long I took to do things was just a complete revelation for me.


And now I want to dig out the game and play it again...maybe I'll actually finish it this time. :)

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- the whole santa monica part in bloodlines, way better than the rest of the game

- vampire the masquerade redemption: the whole game

- mask of the betrayer, killing myrkul and the whole ending

- the first 15 minutes in mass effect 1 and the whole of mass effect 2

- some of the origin stories in dragon age1 and the whole of dragon age 2

- the 2nd half of icewind dale 1, from the moment you enter the hand onwards, awesome story from there on

- every single line of dialog in aquanox 2 (ok thats no rpg at all, but still, i liked it for the story not the gameplay :D )

- dark messiah of might and magic: the whole game, best combat in any game ever

- gothic 1: the whole game, but especially the beginning

- alpha protocol: watching videos on youtube, only to learn that Scarlet is the assassin, did not learn it during my playthrough, OUCH that one hurt

- tooooo many more

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I forgot to mention Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption.


So many twists really took me by surprise, especially since I knew nothing about the setting or the game before playing. If only Overhaul games were to get their hands on that gem.

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CRPGs. Hmm. There's a lot of good memories.


Vampire:Bloodlines. Fighting that Tzimisce boss a bunch of times and getting my ass kicked, then turning to the flamethrower and kicking his ass in about three seconds flat. Then later the pants-****ting terror when I realized that the flamethrower did nothing to the werewolf boss.


Mass Effect 1. Wasn't that big a fan of the game overall, but talking Saren into shooting himself instead of fighting me was surprising and gratifying.


Other people have already mentioned Dakkon and his personal story, so I don't have much to add other than that was awesome.


The relationship with Kreia in KotOR 2. Awesome.


The whole Dark Ritual thing in DA:O. I had been reconciling myself to the necessity of my Warden dying, but that twist felt like something an inspired GM would pull out of their ass in a tabletop game. Caught me completely by surprise.


Keeping Dogmeat alive throughout the final dungeon in Fallout 1, despite his suicidal determination to run into those energy fields.


Realizing I could clone as many +5 swords as I wanted in Secret of the Silver Blades by exploiting the bank vault. In my defense, I was like ten at the time.


Invading Dormund Kass at the end of the Jedi Knight story in SWTOR. Also, impersonating a droid with my Imperial Agent. Also, refusing help from my friends and soloing Darth Baras at the end of the Sith Warrior storyline.


Fighting Kefka at the end of FF6. I'd spent hours leveling all of the characters I didn't use in that stupid dinosaur forest, just for the sake of completeness. Then realizing that the big epic boss fight was going to use all those characters and I hadn't wasted my time was awesome, and then it was a good fight on top of that.


The Paragon path Jack relationship in ME2. The end of that story was more satisfying than anything involving the Collector base.


Star Wars Galaxies, spending like 90 minutes mindlessly butchering Sand People in Fort Tusken with dozens of people I don't know, then building a huge awesome ranger camp and playing music for them while everyone sat around chatting afterward.

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