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Would you like the boxed versions of P:E to be cardboard or plastic?

Should the boxed versions be cardboard or plastic?  

130 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you rather have the boxed versions of P:E be cardboard or plastic?

    • Cardboard
    • Plastic
    • Honestly, it doesn't matter to me.
  2. 2. If you want cardboard, how should it be obtained?

    • Dollar stretch goal
    • Backer number stretch goal
    • Something else: please explain
  3. 3. If cardboard, would you want it to have a flip out front?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Doesn't matter

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I canceled my collectors box tier when I found out it would just be a dvd case. There was an open $20 tier so I grabbed that. If they decide to go with cardboard I'll move back up but I'm not holding my breath.

There was never a confirmation that the collectors edition will be a dvd case, the (vague) confirmation was for the NORMAL edition at the $65 tier. Most collectors editions are cardboxes with a lot of stuff in it and among that another, smaller plastic box for the dvd. If that is an arguement for you to lower your pledge....


You're right that it does specify the $65 tier but I guess I would like some official word on the CE. A big box would be nice for the collection which is the only reason I would want it. I don't plan to play off the actual disc itself. I'll just use the DL copy for that.


I'm also not interested if it is just one of those cardboard sleeves that slide over a dvd case.

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another thing: today, if i physically buy a game i buy it for its box art and it being a "box"! (not a cheapo plastic DVD case) otherwise i can just buy an online copy. i am now looking at my diablo iii collector's edition box and...damn, i can eat caviar out of it.

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Ordinary normal priced game: I don't care, but plastic definitively is more durable and as most games are using it anyway it fits much better on shelf among others.


Collector's Edition: No question: Big cardboard box with lots of useless junk inside it.


I don't think this would be good idea for stretch goal. After all most money is already coming from digital tiers and they probably don't care much for box materials. PE needs something a lot bigger for the final push.


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I'd like the CE to be made from cardboard, and it should come with a flipout front cover. I don't think there should be a stretch goal for this, the pledged funds should cover cardboard. It they don't, then you're buying too expensive cardboard.

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another thing: today, if i physically buy a game i buy it for its box art and it being a "box"! (not a cheapo plastic DVD case) otherwise i can just buy an online copy. i am now looking at my diablo iii collector's edition box and...damn, i can eat caviar out of it.


This is true, the Diablo 3 collectors box is very impressive. However looking at it, seems that it would not have been cheap to make (hence the cost it had). I"m certainly not expecting anything like that for PE, however as mentioned I'd be happy if they included a DVD case with the collectors edition so I can still fit it on my shelf and store the bigger box elsewhere.

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I actually have that Tin and the Shirt that came with it. It is an awesome film reel tin. :)

I got it many years ago from a PC game reseller for a very reasonable price.

I miss that store but the owner passed away and the son had no interest in the business.


On the topic of the cardboard/plastic issue.

I am a bit disappointed that they are considering just a plastic case.

It doesn't have to be a "big box with cardboard top/bottom" but even a sleeve with a flip out would be a nice touch.


Also how big would this cloth map be if it was only so big for a double DVD case. I'm a little skeptical here.

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A regular plastic (double) DVD case for the $65 pledge would indeed be a little disappointing. They could consider a similar case to what I describe below.


I think that WoW has done this right with their standard editions. It's a regular DVD case inside a same size embossed cardboard box with a flip out front. It has a very premium feel for it's price point ($35) but also has the standard plastic case for those who want the convenience of that.


Edit. Also, I would like to see a big high quality box for the CE (since I'm paying mainly for the box in it), similar to what Blizzard releases have.

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I'd like a wooden box, actually.

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I was about to be super sad: then I realized it was for the standard, not the collectors edition. Standard editon being dvd makes sense: I just want the collectors edition to be boxed, and have that old school feel. (Even if it is less durable, it's more traditional.)

An extra dvd being INSIDE the collectors box is fine. :p

However, for those non collector edition people who want cardboard boxes, maybe an option for them to pay slightly more to get a cardboard box? *shrug* Honestly, the cardboard box would be something I'd put on a wall, not use to store my game so much.

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I've decided I actually would like cardboard. I saw a copy of Call of Duty 1 for PC at a thrift store today and it was in a cardboard box with the flip out front and it brought back so many memories ( I loved that game ). And yeah it would sit in my game drawer but I would look at it from time to time and be like "damn" that's a nice cardboard box.

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I like JediMB's suggestion of a smaller cardboard box rather than a big box.


How about a small, thick box similar to the Vivendi releases "Icewind Dale: The Ultimate Edition" and "Baldur's Gate II: The Collection"? Just tall enough to hold a standard DVD case housing the game disc, thick enough to accommodate the physical goodies, maybe have a flip cover. Total package would fit nicely onto a DVD shelf.

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