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Would you like the boxed versions of P:E to be cardboard or plastic?

Should the boxed versions be cardboard or plastic?  

130 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you rather have the boxed versions of P:E be cardboard or plastic?

    • Cardboard
    • Plastic
    • Honestly, it doesn't matter to me.
  2. 2. If you want cardboard, how should it be obtained?

    • Dollar stretch goal
    • Backer number stretch goal
    • Something else: please explain
  3. 3. If cardboard, would you want it to have a flip out front?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Doesn't matter

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I asked on the comments page whether the box would be cardboard or plastic.


Question for us $65 tier pledgers.

Is the box version going to be cardboard or plastic?


Got this back:

@KENT It will, most likely, but something similar to a double DVD case - like you see most games in now-a-days.


What do you guys think? Points have been made out in this post: http://forums.obsidi...ch/page__st__20 that cardboard would be more expensive so it's understandable why they would go with plastic but my question is if you want cardboard, do you want it to be a stretch goal?

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my $0,02:


is this even a question? :) of course big ass cardboard boxes. $65 tier already seems appropriate (plus $15 shipping fee for us unfortunate souls overseas). no need for a stretch goal. wasteland 2 had a $50 tier for a large cardboard box and it got a lot of love from the backers (incl. me :) ).

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I'm only getting digital versions but if it were me, I'd VASTLY prefer the more durable, more stackable, wipeable plastic boxes.

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I canceled my collectors box tier when I found out it would just be a dvd case. There was an open $20 tier so I grabbed that. If they decide to go with cardboard I'll move back up but I'm not holding my breath.

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Recycled, non-radioactive material.


Seriously, if it's not going to have a printed manual, I just want something that will protect the disk and won't take up much space in the drawer.

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Wow, thanks for explaining that OP, I didn't even realise it was gonna be plastic!


What happened to old school big ol boxes! That's what I thought I was going to get, so that news is a little dissapointing.


After reading molarBear's post about Wasteland 2 and the use of cardboard I don't even think that this should be added as a stretch goal or whatnot, should be a given :(

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I truly expected the sleeved versions to be cardboards, never even had a thought before that a word "boxed" coined together with old-school RPG would mean a flimsy plastic DVD-case. I'll rather change my pledge to a closest digital alternative than buy any environmental waste that doesn't really add anything to my game collection (= look good in the shelf and in the hands).


I guess that the collector's edition at least contains a cardboard box, unless they're releasing the game with the biggest (plastic) DVD-case ever out there?

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I probably am the only person who's imediate reaction was "Cardboard of course. Do you even have to ask? Where is your ecological sensibility? Plastic jewel cases are not biodegradable."

That was my first reaction.

The second reaction was "...They'll have to chop down trees to make those cardboard boxes though... Still, a green box is better than a plastic box and for the manufacture of that they would still ruin the environment and end up with a non-recyclable poduct..."

Thought three: "People are used to jewel cases now. The cardboard box will be unusually oversized... oooh! Flip out front!"

Thought four: "Maybe they should go cardboard box with the pledge to plant a tree for every box sold..."

Thought five: "With store shelves adapted to jewel cases, will the cardboard box even fit in the shelves? Or will shops de facto give it a special place because ti doesn't fit in the normal ones?"

Thought six: "Maybe i should be 1 tree per 10k boxes sold..."

Thought seven: "What size will the cardboard boxes be? Will it be same height and length as the plastic, just double width? Then it will fit the shelves I guess..."

Thought eight: "Maybe it should be more trees. We need to plant a forest. Wood elves and pixies need homes too! The Obsidian Forest retirement home for Woodelf and other Woodland NPCs."

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As much as I liked the older big boxes, the reality is that they take up a decent amount of space (and half the time all they had in them was more cardboard to help keep their shape, except some of the old collector boxes which actually were full of content). Since I don't have much space, plastic DVD type cases fit onto my shelves a lot more neatly. It's also a lot easier to grab a DVD case and get the game out of it rather than fighting with a cardboard box to get the rest of the cardboard out and then find the DVD inside it. I do still like having printed manuals however.


Maybe a cardboard box could be an add-on or something? Add this amount of money onto your pledge and you'll get a cardboard box? (though if we have normal and collector versions that could make things more complicated). Or... Have a DVD type plastic version of the box holding the discs inside the cardboard box :p Then I can put that on my shelf an find somewhere to put the bigger box.

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I canceled my collectors box tier when I found out it would just be a dvd case. There was an open $20 tier so I grabbed that. If they decide to go with cardboard I'll move back up but I'm not holding my breath.

There was never a confirmation that the collectors edition will be a dvd case, the (vague) confirmation was for the NORMAL edition at the $65 tier. Most collectors editions are cardboxes with a lot of stuff in it and among that another, smaller plastic box for the dvd. If that is an arguement for you to lower your pledge....


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Like most of the other posters here, prefer cardboard b/c of the old school cRPG/IE game feel to it.


LordCrash made the good point that standard edition plastic, collector's cardboard as we are pledging a premium.



Is cardboard that much more expensive to process than plastic that it would justify an upped pledge?

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Doesn't really matter to me. I like the aesthetics of cardboard better, but these days I'm also less into collecting anything that takes up much space, since it mostly gets shoved into bigger cardboard boxes to collect dust and be forgotten. I will, however, put that cloth map up on the wall over my PC desk.

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I really don't place any value in the old cardboard boxes, since they tend to get hidden away in storage due not not fitting on the shelves and such.


That said, I've accumulated a good number of smaller cardboard boxes for games recently, and... well... as long as they're small enough (they can still be thick) to fit on the DVD shelves with the other games, I can appreciate them. Cool-cool-cool.

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Didn't occur to me it might be something else than carboard. The "box" kind of mislead me.


I'd prefer carboard, especially the collectors or deluxe or whatever one, but it doesn't really matter too much to me either way.

(because unless it's drm free dvd, I'm not getting one)

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There are people that lowered their pledge away from the CE because the normal version is plastic O.o?


Anyway big boxes would be more expensive to make now days. I guess they could have a some what higher tier with a box... But still... I dont see much point to it.

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I've loved DVD cases and never want to go back.

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