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On Souls  

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  1. 1. What is a Soul?

    • I don't rightly know. Ask Obsidian.
    • An eternal entity of great power that resides in a body.
    • An engineered device.
    • A brain parasite.
    • The quality (perhaps spiritual) of perception and/or elements of personality and being.
    • Other (Please Describe in Response to this Topic)
  2. 2. Who or What Have Souls?

    • Mortals
    • Deities
    • Beasts
    • Artificial substances that are defined as individual and thus have or are imbued with a soul.
    • Natural substances that are defined as individual and thus have or are imbued with a soul.
    • Some concepts and/or symbols
    • Other (Please Describe in Response to this Topic)
  3. 3. What do souls do?

    • Sense and record
    • Enact deeds for us on a magical level
    • Compel the attention of spirits; foul and fair spirits, powerful and faint spirits too
    • Convey information to us
    • Slowly destroy or damage us
    • Other (Please Describe in Response to this Topic)

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In the context of this fiction...


Where do you feel souls come from? How do new souls come about, if any? What do you think they look like or are shaped like? Are they huge, small, shaped and sized like us? Are they us, ours, or visiting? Do they have much to do with conventional ideas of souls or are they just called souls and happen to share some apparent similarity to what these people would call souls?

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