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  1. 1. Do you want romance companions

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Do you want to romance one or two of your companions?


I do because the romanceable characters become more deep and intresting persons. It also helps me made my role-play in game diffrent and intresting every time.

Developers please give us opportunity.

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It's the middle of the night in the lands of Moderators now and they are all sound asleep. Therefore, I'll quote one of them to help you understand why this topic will not be discussed and will get closed soon:

We feel that, at this point, all that can be discussed about romance in Project Eternity, has been discussed. Right now, the thread as devolved into mostly trolling and flame baiting with a lot retreading of previous discussion points. As such, we have decided to put a moratorium on new Romance threads, until some time has passed. We hope that this decision helps respect among posters and fosters discussion other subjects.


So, from now on all new romance threads will be locked an referred to the previous threads on the subject.

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Thread locked, on account of the current moratorium on romance threads.


Check this thread for a previous discussion on the subject or do a search for romance on the forum, to find many other instances.

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