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Religion&Faith and how they should affect the world


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  1. 1. How much interaction would you like to see between Gods&Religion and the PC?

    • Since Gods and religion play such a big role in PE, the PC should be able to affect heavily on the matters of divine.
    • I would like to see some major choices/consequences regarding Gods and religion but not too much.
    • Just make religion another backround, like race, and make it affect some conversations and/or stats but that's it.
    • I want to be able to play the game through without having to have anything to do with religion.
    • I don't really care, whatever Obsidian comes up with is fine with me.
  2. 2. How much resources would you like to see spent on Gods&Religion?

    • Since Gods have such a huge role in PE Obsidian should really focus on Gods and Religion already.
    • I would like to see more focus on Gods&Religion but only as a new stretch goal.
    • I don't think Obsidian should waste much resources on religious aspects of the game, being part of the "setting" is enough, otherwise keep it as low as possible.
    • I don't want to see or hear anything about Gods and religion, please leave them off alltogether.
    • I don't really care, I'm fine with whatever Obsidian comes up with.

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Hello everyone!


I've been thinking about the religion and deities of PE a lot lately and I personally would love to see a much deeper interactions between gods and the PC.


I'll never forget in BG 2 when your party goes to retrieve the stolen Dawn Ring and you are asked to swear an oath that you serve Talos. If you lie, Talos strikes you with a lightning bolt! That's what I'd like to see! Because other than that usually gods/deities are just a name or a "perk" you add to your character in character creation. After that they are barely mentioned at all.


What I would love to see is a system that allows cleric/priest class to convert religiously neutral or opposing people into your faith. Do deeds and complete quests in the name of your deity. Destroy a whole town of unbelievers in your gods name! By doing so your deity would grow stronger and grant you greater powers, while opposing deities and churches would strive to stop you.


By all means this kind of system could also be extended to non-religous classes as well. A fighter or a thief who serves a deity of their profession and excels in his/her job, could attract the attention of the deity or even his/her/its favour. And why not the ire of "opposing" deity?


I'm not suggesting anything concerte yet, I'd just like to see what others think of the subject.

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While deities might play a profound role in the life of the average person in this game world, I hope they do not cost so much that it requires a new stretch goal. I mean, any regions displaying the "lands of the gods" could be a mega-dungeon or an expansion or a pay-to-download portion of this upcoming game. In Temple of Elemental Evil, two deities have a chance to appear, but these two deities are not over-represented in the game nor do they seem to cost so very much to represent (not 100,000 dollars or more). I do not think the deities should appear casually -- but their more powerful minions might appear in end-game conflicts should the designers choose such an event as fitting.


I know that some people play D&D so that there's a one-in-a-thousand chance that a deity will appear when called by a cleric, but the sense I get from the game so far is that deities are not always kindly and might be prone to cursing someone who had the hubris to beg their bodily presence or miraculous physical representation appearing perforce their own divine might. This might be mistaken. Deities might be thousandfold and ever-ready to assist.


All the same, I cannot personally imagine that there's much a reason to ask that the fictive religions in this game cost a stretch goal in resources unless it's to create civic pantheons and sacred places for each of the deities in excess of what's already been created as a sudden presence in the game and game story. I think we can wait for an expansion.

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