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[MODES] - How about a 5% experience bonus per difficulty mode?

Expert Iron Man Ironman Damned Expert Mode Trial of Iron Path of the Damned

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I am for an increase in experience due to higher difficulties only because getting actual items or content that are not attainable in lower difficulties is NOT what I want to see in this game. Consider this, Project Eternity is no where near an action RPG like lets say Borderlands or Diablo/Torchlight. What do these games have in common? They are Loot Driven games with simple plots that won't give your head a doozy if you seek something complicated with several large twists and turns that are not cliche. The higher difficulty modes will give you greater chances of finding insanely powerful/awesome/ridiculous gear, it IS the incentive for THOSE games to keep playing because the game is well... primarly loot driven.

Project Eternity will have much more emphasis on the plot than these games, do you think the devs would want to encourage a fast run through the game's main plot just so you could unlock harder modes to attain that certain piece of gear that spawns on a loot table ONLY on that hard mode? All content in the game should be accessible on the first run, otherwise I feel it cheapens the experience of playing the game, knowing that there is something significant you can't reach in your first playthrough.

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