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The Obsidian Order of Eternity wants YOU! part 2

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Welcome to all new members :)


<----- New Guy here..Hello. Excited about the whole dealio.

Hi Cthulhu0316, please choose a title. How would you like to be called? :)


Hmm..what to pick, how about.... Captain Barbosa of The Obsidian Order ? If that is too much ill just take: The Barbosa of The Obsidian Order.

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Nick B




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I finally caved, Update 9 was just too strong for me.


I am IchigoRXC, Zerth of the Obsidian Order.

Legendary Weapons Made By You - A post about weapon customisation and creating your own legendary items

Magic Spell Customisation - A post about adapting spells to fit your style, making news ones from old


$4million+ raised, I think our jobs here are done.

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Dear lords and ladies, knights, wizards, courtiers, commoners and beggars of the Order,



I've made two new versions of my recently published artwork for the Obsidian Order of Eternity! :)


As requested both versions can be used as avatars or signaturs. You can download the artworks and modify them on your own (I could also deliver a PSD-file if requested) or you can send me a PM and will do the modifications for you (as hitherto).



Artwork #1:




Avatar version: http://i50.tinypic.com/qznp20.jpg


Artwork #2:




Avatar version: http://i45.tinypic.com/n3mec3.jpg



I hope you like the artworks though many of you will probably prefer the new badges from Update #9 which are very nice in my opinion.

But after all my version only broadens the offer and therewith the choices for you (if Obsidian doesn't mind)! ;)


All hail to the Order! :sorcerer:

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