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Let's name this game.

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Alpha Torment

Ice Wind Protocol

Knights of the Old Torment

Neverwinter Siege

Knights of the Old Nights

Dungeon Protocol

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Any name that wasn't inspired by this forums.

Although I would prefer something like long american book titles (Frak: A fraking story about Frak Fraker, frak and fraking frakaloo, while frakking in frak).

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Eternity plus anything. Maybe "Eternity: Souls of *nameofthecontinent", or "Souls of Eternity".


Seems logical, in case Obsidian wish to make a saga. And it's very popular betweeen us. I don't like "Project", but the complete name soons good: "Project Eternity"



Dungeon Protocol


+1 :lol:

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The second soul symposium of sermons of sympathy of Od Nua. Oh you were expecting something serious? This is the issue which matters the least to me. They could call it "the ring-like box of murder:once opened you have only seven days to live!" and I'd still buy it. Because it would be seven days well spent. Although, thinking about it, having a malevolent demon incentivise you to sell the game to some other person (with proceeds going to Obsidian obviously) would probably be incredibly profitable. Or maybe I'm over thinking this.

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