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You're an adventurer...not an weaponsmith.


Crafting really good items should be left to those who dedicated their entire life to mastering those skills, not some adventurer who spends most of his time clearing out dungeons.



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Yeah, shouldn't be able to craft items that are better than the top tier that can be found in the game world. Those are best left for the legendary blacksmiths, not adventurers. Medium level crafting can still be very useful for creating sets of items that complement the wearer's abilities and each other perfectly. I wouldn't say no to reassembling legendary items from pieces either.

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To quote myself from another thread:


"Mages in this setting have probably been crafting magic items for centuries or millenia, do you think your character should be able to make enough stuff to equipt your whole party over like 6 months to a year, at an equal level of power to the best those countless other mages have made in all that time? "


IMO, no. Great artifacts shouldn't be forged in a day.


I'm fine with a few item-crafting (or re-forging) quests like in bg 2 and icewind dale though, those were cool.

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My idea of crafting is: Alchemy (Potions, venom, bombs) - YES!!!! There is never a downside to this...

Enchanting (Runes, or otherwise) - Maybe...

Smithing - This one is tricky, cause if you can smith the best weapon in the world you automatically ruin loot, which is one of my main gripes with Skyrim...

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It would be nice if loot you find is not necessarily the best. Maybe the best stuff is only from crafting or from finding a crafter. I was never really fond of games where magic items are so common you can buy them at the market in every town. Potions should require alchemical ingredients, magic swords need a very rare item and someone to bind it with a ritual, etc. These can very easily be the basis of going off to quest to get the ingredients. A really skilled player could do this (say the wizard if he's got an advanced lab) or they would have to hire someone or get the work done as a reward.


Consider the Ankheg armor in BG1. Kill the Anghegs, get the carapace, have the NPC make you a set of armor.


Here's the other thing I would like: keep your armor and keep your weapons, just improve them over time maybe. (though I don't necessarily like gear dependent systems). Enchant your grandfather's sword, put protective runes on your shield, and so forth. Better than just selling your old stuff everytime you find something new.

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