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Quests: what are you looking for in Project Eternity

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Any RPG has its fair share of quests. Themes include:

. Progresing the main story line;

. Increasing your status in a guild;

. Helping an NPC find something they've lost;

. Killing on contract;

. etc


What sort of quests are you looking for in Project Eternity?


Would you like to play soul quests, ones that take place in the ethereal realm with your soul and a projection of your physical self, or a projection of whatever was occupying your PC's mind?


Personally I prefer quests that make me think. Ones that put my character in a position where the choice I make changes the evolution of the story. Soul quests also intrigue me because in the ethereal realm physical strength is less relevant. Soul quests may provide an opporunity to engage with the god-like (or gods even) in Project Eternity.

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