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Sure, but make it human and somewhat sensible. I mean, I didn't like how Jaheira had just become widowed and started coming getting interested in you a few weeks later.


I kind of liked the fact that Avelline in DA2 would have a romance with another character and was only a fake option for you.


However, it seems like this is easy characterization and an easy way to explore a character's perspective. Just don't force it, don't make it too fake, if possible allow your character some meaningful opportunities to be the initiator of some of the romantic actions without forcing him to be too overtly romantic in the exchanges. (So, I wouldn't like just blatantly hitting on a fantasy character, but tasteful flirting is entirely reasonable, and a relationship that blossoms in multiple dimensions at once would be great) I actually think BG2 generally did a reasonably good job at this, except on having the other party always be the initiator of the romantic dialogue. If possible, I'd rather there be more than one romance choice if this were offered, as Neeshka was SO MUCH cooler than Elanee. (However, with a limited # of characters, multiple romances may not be the most viable thing)

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Oh for FUHHHH. Couldn't we have just let the thread end?


Not everyone has participated in this discussion, I agree when there are too many threads with the same discussion. I see no problem with having one thread to have open commentary about this

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Hah, I forsee rehashing of topics being a large problem, but oh well is a kickstarter so you get every backer with bright ideas and such. They should make it a stretch goal though, sucker a lot of cash out of people that way.

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I'm for romances if the designers want to include them in their story.


I'm NOT for them as a stretch goal. Adding a race or class, alright, that has some affect on story and design, but existing characters and such just need to be adjusted a little. If they have 6 companions already and suddenly feel, despite not writing in romance initially, that they need to shoe horn it in because of donator demand... stuff has to be re-written and original concepts need to be changed and suddenly you worry about each group being represented and....


ramble off.


I'm for well written romances. I'm even for PC / NPC interactions (yes, these are different things.) But if the devs aren't wanting to include this in the story they are telling, they should stick to their guns. :)


That said, if they are wabbling and still in the early draft of characters - I'm voting for romance.


Of course, Obsidian's record for romances tends to tilt heavily in the prostitution direction... as in they have lots of prostitutes in their games!

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I liked the ones in Planescape: Torment. They fit the timeframe perfectly and were completely believable. You didn't just immediately foster a deep relationship and start making gooey sex all over camp while your companions watched in terror. Annah and Fall-From-Grace each experienced a lot by your side and came to admire many aspects of your personality. You could feel the same way toward them. There wasn't time for that to advance further, especially because of the nature of the ending. Feelings were present between characters, but not an unrealistic and fully fleshed out romantic arc. We all know more is more, but less can also be more. That is especially true in this case. I really hope they handle it the same way in this game.

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People have romances, characters hould be able to have romances. Being a PC shouldn't mean automatically being a monk.

You can easily have sex without romances being involved. You can also have romances without sex being involved. I think the latter is where most of Obsidian's past coverage of the subject has gone (with the possible exception of NWN2 with the tacky Elf stalker "romance", which felt completely out of place).

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Better things to spend resources on.


with the possible exception of NWN2 with the tacky Elf stalker "romance", which felt completely out of place.


I was expecting her to kill the PC if he rejected her. If anyone told me they watched me sleep from outside my window.....

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If Obsidian were to do this, then I'd want it to include all four major options (you know what I'm talking about) in multiplicate (no Anomen-only for women) on top of being very high quality and sans as much cliche as possible ("hapless princess" or "hard-assed bitch" or "slutty evil"--a la BG2). They would need to be vetted by people with social sciences background and both men and women, gay/straight. (Though given FO:NV, I'm not so worried about the latter bit.) PS:T style. Depth. Sex or not--no stupid uncanny valley "real people don't move like that I cannot believe anyone could be turned by this" adolescent idiocy like in DA:O. Please. :) That's not asking a lot.


But honestly, I'd rather Obsidian explore convincing bromance/womance/brother-sister sibling relations more because those don't even get as much good development in mass media, much less games.


So my vote is a basic "No, there's so much more general content accessible by the entire audience that they could be working on" qualified with "But if they truly believe can do it without being half-assed (e.g. only 1 het man and 1 het woman) and with PS:T depth, then sure. Impress me." All or nothing.

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but since romance is issue is stirring a lot on this forum maybe they should get MCA to spend 2-3 months to write a story like annah's (ps:t). but only one romance. no more!

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If possible, I'd rather there be more than one romance choice if this were offered, as Neeshka was SO MUCH cooler than Elanee. (However, with a limited # of characters, multiple romances may not be the most viable thing)

Neeshka was meant to be a romance, but when ye olde publisher time cut came it went on the chopping block along with a bunch of other things.

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