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I'm 35 and here is a list of my favorite 25 rpgs hastily compiled:


1. Morrowind (pinnacle of the elder scrolls series)

2. Baldur's Gate 2

3. Planescape: Torment

4: Baldur's Gate 1

5. Ultima 7

6. Demon Souls (only console game on list)

7. Fallout 1

8. The Witcher 2

9. Gothic 2

10. KoTOR 1

11. Neverwinter Nights 2

12. Betrayal at Krondor

13. Ultima IV

14. Mass Effect 1 (when the series actually had some semblance of being an rpg)

15. Eye of the Beholder

16. Dragon Age: Origins

17. Icewind Dale

18. Fallout 3

19. Skyrim

20. Pool of Radiance

21: Deus Ex

22. The Witcher 1

23. KoTOR 2

24. Vampire Masquerade: Bloodlines

25. Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

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Baldur's Gate series

Icewind Dale series

Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer

Fallout: New Vegas + DLC's


I played BG for the first time when it was released in 1998 and it was my introduction to both AD&D and "real" CRPG's, and it changed everything.

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Shadow Thief of the Obsidian Order

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Most loved?

The Eye of the Beholder duology (yes duology! the third one was crap).

Fallout 2,1,3,NV (in that order)



And I also need to give a shout-out to Legend of Grimrock!


Most hated?


The Diablos, especially the 3rd....


Just can't abide grinding games (kill dudes, get items, kill more dudes, get more items, argh...)


Ugh! I have spoken!

"Which is more the fool: the fool, or the fool who follows him?"

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Age: 29


Favourite RPGs:


Baldur's Gate series

Dragon Age: Origins

Fallout series


Icewind Dale series

Mass Effect 1

Jade Empire

KotOR 1 & 2

The Elder Scrolls series

SSI Gold Box AD&D games (Curse of the Azure Bonds, Pool of Radiance, etc.)

Hired Guns

Liberation: Captive 2


Also play the following P&P RPG systems:-


AD&D 2nd Edition

Star Wars Saga Edition

Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition

Edited by Terror K


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48. Is there a prize for the oldest? original.gif First RPG was Pool of Radiance on my first computer, a Commodore 64. I stil have the hand drawn maps on graph paper packed away in a box somewhere. Favourite RPG, Planescape:Torment.


48 just around the corner...I'll take second prize!

So many great games...but if I was going to point to one game that got me hooked and will always be numero uno....Fallout. Still have the original packaging, manual, inserts etc.....did that with all my games!

All theBalders Gate games , Planescape..Icewind Dale1&2 are also on my faves list amonth others...Black Isle rocked back in the day!

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Favourite games are Planescape Torment (just finished it again for the 13th time) and Breath of Fire 2 (I've learned a lot of my basic English with this game...)


But I also like -a lot- all the infinity engine based games.


"What can change the nature of a man?"

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What did you consume in the preceding ~750 years though?


That is a good question, Humanoid, and one that I shall partially answer.


The early years of my life are a secret. However, I began feasting on ridiculous gamers in the late 1970's. I happened upon some heavily bearded students from the Society for Creative Anachronism. Ah, UCLA in 1978 / 79? The souls I harvested there were some of the sweetest. Anyhow, these guys were beating each other up with wooden swords and talking in fakespeare. As I'd actually fought in a number of battles myself in the High-Medieval period I detested there pathetic attempts at emulation and gorged upon them.


I can hear one of them wailing in my phylactery like, right now. Shush, little one.


Then came the Renaissance Fayre people. Man, they make promancers look like Hunter S Thompson. I cut a swathe through the Midwest in the mid 1980's, only stopping to devour the occasional 2nd Ed AD&D players at GenCon.


Then... oh my... then came the LARPers. They were delicious, their lameness was like sweet butter. I would dress as a Mind Flayer (well actually in my real form I look like one anyway) and suck out their souls. Have you noticed there are virtually no LARPers left nowadays? That's because I ate them all.


Now it is promancers and Biowarians. Oh yes. They will be mine.

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