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How old is everyone?


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Baldur's Gate I-II, Neverwinter Nights (on fan made content, largely), Icewind Dale I-II, Diablo I-II (ARPG, but I loved it), and though not in the same class, Skyrim has been a lot of fun.


Age: 24

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I'm 28, and I've played a lot - and I mean a LOT of RPGs. I probably wouldn't be able to list *all* of them (several I prolly just don't think of to put in the list, and some of them people may debate whether they're RPGs or not)


Baldurs Gate, Planescape Torment, Neverwinter Nights, Jade Empire, The Bards Tale (the newer version, never got to play the original), the Diablo Series, the Torchlight series, Avencast, several of the Elder Scrolls (especially Skyrim), Fable, Legend of Grimrock, Numen,


Other games I've loved: Kings Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Monkey Island, Sam & Max, Zork, Zork Nemesis, Return to Zork..


Oh and I've also played plenty of the Japanese RPGs like the Final Fantasy series and stuff..



I also love tabletop games like D&D or Pathfinder. XD

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I think of all Computer RPGs I ever played I spend the most time with

Morrowind (I also played all main parts of The Elder Scrolls series but only played trough Daggerfall and Morrowind)

followed by 3 MMORPGs

and then probably NWN / NWN2 following.

Sure I also played many Games based on AD&D or The Black Eye P&P rules and some with theyr own system like Arcanum but I never spend so much time with them as with the games mentioned above.

Of the games special mentioned in the PE KS I never played any of the Fallout games as I didn't like the setting (and I also will never play this South Park game because of the setting).

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I have very fond memories of the Bard Tales Trilogy (1985 - 87) and the Eye of The Beholder Series : hand drawn maps !!

Most played are Baldur's Gate 2, Nevewinter Nights, Betrayal at Krondor and Lands of Lore.

In my game library you can also find some unknowns as The Shadow of Yserbius or Descent to Undermountain etc....

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Baldur's Gate I&II (best games ever)

Kotor (and 2 to a lesser extend, the ending really brought it down)

Mass Effect series

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (tried but never got into Morrowind and Oblivion, they lacked soul.)


Both Skyrim and Mass Effect suffer severely from being dumbed down (in terms of mechanics) for the wide audience and having horrible interfaces because of consoles. Despite my love for them I cry silently for all that lost potential. I'm so very glad PE isn't going to be released for consoles.

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First Game was Wizardry 7 (1992)



Baldur's Gate I&II

Mass Effect 2

Planescape Torment

Wizardry 7

Das Schwarze Auge: Sternenschweif



DA:O and DA2

Mass Effect 1&3

Witcher 1&2


Das Schwarze Auge: Schatten über Riva

Wizardry 8


Neverwinter Nights 1&2

Might & Magic 4,5,6

TES: Skyrim

Gothic 1


Heck I love playing RPGs...

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The second digit of my age is the number of choices in this poll. The first digit is the square root of the product of the second digit multiplied by the first digit.


Favourid RPGs:

Planescape Torment

Arcanum of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

Final Fantasy Legend II

Final Fantasy 6 and 7

Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator

Vampire the Masquerade Redemption

Vampire the Masqueade Bloodlines

Alpha Protocol

Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Neverwinter Nights 2


Sacred 2


And because in some interview someone (Tim Cain) said that we get to list Star Control 2 as an RPG:

Star Control 2 / The Ur-Quan Masters

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I am only in early 20's, but in high school I started playing tabletop RPG's. So I kind of went back to the original, they spoiled me somewhat. Not even BG, Fallout, and any other old school rpg video game can match up to some of the TT RPG's I've played. Despite this I do think they are really astounding as games and look forward to this. I would take project eterinity over another generic shooter any day of the week.

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25 years old.


Favorite RPG? Oh boy....


Ranking by how strong is my feeling of nostalgia:

  • Albion (first RPG I ever played beyond "looking at the pretty pictures and getting frustrated because I didn't know what to do". First RPG I ever finished too, once a translation came out a few years later. I was too young to have any grasp of English language then)
  • Might and Magic 6 & 7 (I loved Erathia setting and how its plot was connected to Heroes of Might and Magic 2 and 3. I never forgave the later games that abandoned that connection)
  • Entomorph (A REALLY weird and original rpg set in world ruled by intelligent giant insects where humans are slaves, food or worse, and main hero has ability to transform into various insect forms)
  • Wizardy 7-8 (one of my all-times favorite, really)
  • TES: Morrowind (another of my all-time favorites. I think that I managed to play this game exclusively for more than half a year. I don't think I can say that about any other game, MMO's included)
  • Planescape: Torment (nothing more needed to say there)
  • Baldurs Gate 2 (again, nothing else to say)

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